Saturday, 31 July 2010

45% Dearness allownace from July 2010?

45% Dearness allownace from July 2010. All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers for June 2010 on the basis of 2001 valued as 174 by the Labour Bureau. So we can confirm that the Dearness Allowance (D.A) for Central Government Employees will be 45%, a 10% increase from the current D.A of 35%.

This consumer price index is mainly shows the rise in prices of essential commodities like rice, wheat, edible oil, curry powders, fruits, vegetables and even it includes the rice in bus fare and electricity charges etc. The D.A increase is provided for government employees to beat the price rice.

According to the 6th Central Pay Commission recommendations all government employees got annual increment of minimum 3% of basic on July 2010. Now the D.A Increase, when declared will be an added advantage and the amount of money will be more than the amount of increment. When the D.A increases the Transport allowance also will be increased by the same percentage. And if the price rise continues in the same ratio the next D.A will cover 50% and according to the 6th c.p.c some daily allowances such as Children Education Allowance, Child Care Allowance, Washing Allowance, Cycle Allowance, Cash Handling Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Split Duty Allowance etc., will be raised by an additional 25%. So they may get more money benefit than mere a D.A increase.

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

SIS – Systematic Investment in Stocks

You must have heard of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). But I am not sure that you have heard of SIS (Systematic Investment in Stocks). My Stock Broking firm, one of the leading stock broking firms termed a system of investment in stock as SIS (Systematic Investment in Stocks). Let us see what it is. They are telling that just like SIP (SIP is mostly used in investing in Mutual funds) you can invest in shares also.

What they do that they send SMS of some particular selected shares which can be invested in that month and most of them are penny shares and the customer can invest in that shares and when it reach to targeted price we can sell it off. Most of them are very profitable and we can invest in it with a small amount and   invest regularly in those shares the firm informed us every month and get a systematic growth in your money and profit.

One of the main advantages is that if you don’t have enough knowledge in stock market trading you can use this method and can earn a wonderful profit. If you are busy and have enough time to study the market also you can use this method to get a good catch from stock market. If you have time you can analyze these shares and can buy them. But if you do not study more about these shares you won’t lose your money, but keep in mind that you must sell it off in the right time, the margin they are telling. It is more risky to wait more.

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Allowances Admissible to Central Government Employees.

By various reasons, The Government of India allow so many allowances to Central Government Employees. Let us learn about some important allowances and the eligibility.

C.E.A or Children Education Allowance: - This allowance is given to a Government Servant who has married and have two school going children. The maximum amount of allowance is Rs. 12000/- per year per child. This is for the school tuition fee, Uniform including shoe and for Books and bags. The student must study in a recognized regular school and the actual expense of the above mentioned items Rs. 12000/- per child whichever is less is admissible. If both father and mother are government employees only one can avail this allowance. This allowance will be increased by 25% when the D.A (Dearness Allowance) become 50% or more, which may be happened in Next January (January – 2011).

H.R.A (House Rent Allowance): This is another allowance to government employees and is available only if he husband or wife has not provided government accommodation. This is a major amount at present because it is 30% of Basic (Basic + Grade pay) in major cities and 20% and 10% to other cities as per the grade admissible by government. If both husband and wife are government servant it is a big decrease of Total salary in the family. So there is a tendency in such condition they opt to purchase a house and repay the loan with the H.R.A of both.

Transport Allowance: Transport allowance is according to the grade pay. If an employee have a grade pay or Rs. 5400 or more gets Transport allowance of Rs. 3200 + %of D.A (if D.A is 35%, T.A would be 3200 + 35% of 3200 = Rs. 4320).

If Grade is pay is less than Rs. 5400 and more than or equals to Rs. 4200 or if Basic – Grade pay is more than Rs. 7440 the Transport allowance would be Rs. 1600 + % of D.A and others gets Transport allowance of Rs. 600 + % of D.A

Dearness Allowance: This is an important allowance and it is according to the Consumer Price Index. It is supposed that the D.A is given to meet the price rising tendency. But now this is an important allowance and when the D.A exceeds 50% some particular allowances also will be increased by 25%. Those allowances are Children Education Allowance, Child Care Allowance, Washing Allowance, Cycle Allowance, Cash Handling Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, and Split Duty Allowance. Some advances like Flood Advance, Festival Advance also will be increased by 25% when D.A exceeds 50%.

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Why Forex Trading Is More Interesting Than Others?

Normally Forex Trading seems more interesting andprofitable than other trading such as stock trading, ETF etc. Let us see why Forex Trading is more interesting than others.

1. The chance of earnings profit is very high. Even a small trader also can earn profit with the Forex trading system, if you use the utilities provided by them fruitfully.

2. Be an expert with demo account. Almost all Forex brokers gives you a demo account where you can practice trading as if real with virtual money provided by them. With this facility you can practice Forex trading without spending any money, but you can practice all type of trading as you trade with real money.

3. Trade from anywhere, any time. Forex trading allows you to trade from any part of the world with computer and internet and it is round the clock, 24 hours for 6 days in a week. Only Sundays are holidays. You should not wait for opening the trading house like stock exchanges.

4. You can control your profit or loss. With stop loss system you can minimize your loss and control your profit. Set the desired goals and let the system do the rest for you. With demo account you can easily practice this utility.

5. Stable market. Unlike stock market forex market is almost stable. It won’t twist extra ordinary and the chance of loss is almost lesser than share market.

6. Easy to download Forex Trading Platform and start trading. For Stock trading we have to start Demat account and it should be connected with net banking account etc. But with Pay pal account or with any credit card or any type of internet banking account we can start Forex Trading within minutes.

So, go ahead and begin trading even if it's just on a demo account


Download Free Forex Trading Platform as start Trading

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

eToro Introduces The New Guardian Angel for all and 30% extra bonus for first time investors

Guardian Angel is a new system which eToro (A leading Forex Trading System) introduces to all of its traders which allows you to monitor you trading activity, analyze your trades and actions, motivate you for balanced trading and it helps to take good decision in trading. Whenever you open or close a trading activity, it gives out a message with most relevant data. It helps you to :

1.    Analysis and insights on your risk management strategy

2.    Market news and economic events

3.    Market volatility alerts;

Your trading skills will develop by accessing the system of Guardian angel on regular basis.

It will improve your trading statistics with real time performance alerts and Cut down on trading errors using the system’s risk management tips. It will improve your reaction to market events with real time news flashes

Let us see how you could access the Guardian Angel.

Just go to “Top Traders Insight” Tab in the community bar and click on the Guardian Angel's link. This new system gives you free of cost and available for all traders both demo traders and Traders with real money.

30% Extra Bonus to all new Traders

eToro offers a limited time extra Bonus of 30% of the first time investment. You can get the promotion code when you open the guardian angel, you get a message with the promotion code after waiting some time.Deposit a first time real money between $500- $10000 and then enter the promotion code and see that an addition of 30% extra on your account.

Hurry up grab this opportunity before it closes,  Start an account and get guardian angel system and 30% extra bonus

Join eToro free to Get all this Free System and many more to get a good profit from Forex Trading

Just See the Screen Shot with Guardian Angel System

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Which you prefer more, D.A or Annual Increment?

Salary for the month of July is almost receiving by all central government Employees with Annual Increment. As per the rules of 6th Central pay commission the normal annual increment of central government employees is 3% of the basic (Basic here means Basic + Grade pay). When compare to D.A (Dearness Allowance) the annual increment is occurred only once, but, D.A
increase is twice in a year. When the employees get 3% Annual

Dearness Allowance or Annual IncrementIncrement, the D.A increase is almost 7% t0 8% and happened twice in a year. So the monetary benefit is more in the increase of Dearness Allowance than annual increment.

Let us calculate the difference of both Annual Increment and Increase of Dearness allowance.

Suppose an employee has a basic pay of Rs. 20000/-

When the D.A Increases 8% he gets 8% of 20000/-, ie, Rs. 1600/- as D.A increase and Rs. 128 in Transport allowance. The Total increase in Gross Salary is Rs. 1728/- and he gets this increase twice a year. Only the percentage of D.A may be changed.

But in case of Annual Increment he gets only 3% of Rs. 20000/-, ie, Rs. 600 and D.A 35% of 600, ie, Rs. 210 and if he is eligible for H.R.A  he gets and additional H.R.A of Rs. 180/- The total increase in gross salary is Rs. 900 per month and this increment is only once in an year.

And as per sixth central pay commission when the D.A overcome 50 % some daily allowance will automatically increases 25% percent. (See that allowances)

So I state that most employees wish to hear about the of Orders of Dearness Allowance than increment. I do not forget the fact that the increment is the reward of their experience and service and it will reflect in D.A and other allowances.

Annual Increment or Dearness allowance

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010


In my last article about mutual fund, I discussed that one can harvest profit from the stock market through mutual funds, even if he is not much aware of stock market trading.  Yes I strongly recommend that this is the best method to get profit from stocks without know much more about stocks and stock market. Just know some mutual fund companies which are expert in the field and invest in their plans according to our investment plan.

Here I am saying one popular method of investing in Mutual funds even if you don’t have enough money to deposit in one go. Normally you can start to investing in Mutual fund with a low amount of  5000 bucks, If you don’t have  this much money with you in one single payment still you can start investing with mutual funds. The method is known as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). A small amount of money, say 500 bucks or even with 100 bucks invest regularly every month for a stipulate period is known as SIP.

This is convenient for regular income people, salaried persons etc. Even low income people also can invest in mutual fund under SIP. This is convenient for the future long term goals such as marriage of children, Higher education of children, purchasing a house, retirement plans etc. One of the main advantages of the SIP is that it will overcome the market fluctuations. When the market is high you can get each unit of mutual fund with a high price and when it is low you could get each unit in low price also. Then you can stabilize your return, means the high price can be compensated with low price and you could earn a medium profit.

Let us point out some of the advantage of SIP

1.    For meeting a large future expense such as marriage, higher education you can start saving early with small regular amounts.

2.    Do not invest a huge amount together; just invest small amounts such as 500 or 100 bucks. Accumulate wealth over a long time.

3.    Reduce risk by investing a big amount in one time in the volatile market, which may vanish all your savings in no time.

4.    Pay by postdated checks or auto debit or by ECS and avoid the headache of depositing regularly by cash or checks.

So I repeat that better to invest in mutual funds to get profit from stock market, if you are not an expert in stock trading and also better to invest in SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) for convenience and a steady income.

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Know Shares And Share Market To Make More Money From Stock Exchanges

If you have a desire to make money from stock market, read this article and the coming articles also. Here I wish to teach you more about stock market and how to make money from stock market in simple step by step instructions. Those who have a thirst to do stock market trade and make money, go ahead and learn how it is.

First let us start from the beginning. You may be aware that what stock is. A stock is a share in the ownership of the company. A company is a registered group (an association of person) for doing a business or service with the motto of earning profit out of it.

What is stock?

Share, equity, stock etc. are used for the same term share which means a share in the ownership of a company. The Total capital which is invested for the beginning of a business may be divided in to small units (say $10) and it is the face value of a share. And this share are issued to public which is called I.P.O (Initial Public Offering)

When you purchase shares of a company makes you one of the owners (Share holders) of the company and you have an ownership of a portion of all the assets of the company and you have the right to share the profit of the company. Apart of the earnings of the company may be divided to you called dividends. Then normally a share holder gets dividends from the company as a part of the earnings of the company and this is his direct earning from his investment in shares of a company and you will get it regularly according to the performance of the company.

An ordinary share holder who holds a few shares could not have the right to run the daily business of the company and he could not take decision of the daily matters of the company. He could cast a vote to elect the board of directors of the company. The company will rule over by the shares holders who has the holders of a majority of shares may be some corporate owners. You can satisfy with the dividend. But at the same time your liability is also limited only up to the extent of the face value of shares. If the company is liquidated you will get your share only after paying off the debtors and employees. But if there is any shortfall, your liability is only up to the face value of your share. Unlike partnership firms or sole proprietorship, you should not pay anything more than the value of your share.

Earlier you get a share certificate as the proof of your shares. But now shares are listed to any stock exchanges and your share transfer to a “demat” account and electronically recorded. No share certificate is needed and you can buy or sell any shares through computer and internet.

More about Stock in Next Post

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Friday, 16 July 2010

14% D.A Increase To Kerala Government Employees

The Government of Kerala declared an additional D.A (Dearness Allowance) of 14% to its employees w.e.f 01.01.2010. Earlier the D.A was 64% percent of basic pay. Now it has been increased to 78%.

All State Government Employees (Kerala), Teachers, Staff of Aided Schools, Private Colleges, Polytechnics, Full time employees on contingent work, employees og local bodies, part time teachers and part time contingent employees, state public sector undertakings/ Statutory Corporations/ Autonomous bodies are eligible for this Increased D.A

Download the D.A order in PDF Format

Thursday, 15 July 2010

An Advice to forex traders, When should act and when react.

Let us discuss about two major mistakes 90% of new forex traders are committing and losing their money.

1.    Overtrading

2.    Trading with big leverages

Some traders think that they should be in the market for all the time. Yes you cannot make money when you are not in the market, but at the same time you are not losing money also when you are not in the market.

Why this overtrading happens?

It is usually triggered by one of two scenarios:

When you are on winning trend you may feel that some thing good is happening to you and you may trade quickly without checking the market trend and also without sensible trading method.

When you are on a losing trend you may feel that you should change it soon.

Both the above cases you are controlled by emotions not the reality and you could not determine the correct market condition.

For a long time success in forex trading you should have the ability to understand the market trends easily and speedy and should act according to your experience. Try only high profitability trades. Then you can turn your future to a profitable one, even if there are some losses in between. Ultimately you will win with profit.

You can apply probability theory for trading well. When the market shows a losing trend you may take decision to stop trading. But doing risky trade because of your adventurous nature is not good for your trading career.

In the cases of over leverage you may get in to a trap that getting more and more as soon as possible. But if you are a beginner you must not go for trade when it is a high leverage. Only an experienced trader can harvest profit form high leverage. You may loose all your money in high leveraged market. For beginners low leverage is better to make profit. Make small profits slowly and learn the trade and the market well.

But please be aware that an experienced trader also hesitated to trade when it is high leverage. Because in high leverage tendency the market may soon twisted back an may fall with a loss.

In low leverage you have to do a number of trades to get a good profit. For a successful trade first you think of risk and thinking of profit should be a second priority. Avoid loss is the better way to profit. Reduce risk to gaining profit.

For forex beginners make your skill when the market is on low leverage and never for trading when the leverage is higher than 10:1. When there is an opportunity, go ahead and if there is no opportunity sit aside and just watch the market. Know that when there is a low leverage, your money is safe and trade safe without bearing high risk.

May advice is that Learn with a free demo account which provides all real conditions and after getting enough experience go for a real account with your own money.

Download eToro for FREE and join a fast growing forex community.

Strat Forex Trading With a Free Demo Account

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Forex Trading Tips For Beginners

Start with a few trades. The beginners of forex traders should keep in mind that they should start with a very few trades. There is a tendency among many new traders that open so many trades and they could not monitor them all. If you start with only a few trades you can watch all that and can know whether your trading approach is correct or not.

Close a losing trade in time. If you see that one or more of your trade shows a losing tendency, cut it off in time to avoid a heavy loss. Then you can reduce your loss and also can move to another trade. Forex marketing has a chance to get profit and not loss, so reap profit and do not waste your time for a losing trade.

Plan everything early. Do not be frantic when you see a sudden rise of fall of price. Plan your trade in advance and decide your take profit and stop loss point and move accordingly. Wait for the right chance after fixing your goals.

Try to keep a profitable trade as a profitable one. When your trade shows a profitable trend, keep watching close and keep your stop loss forward and secure your profit and do not allow such a profitable trade to end with a loss.

Take maximum profit from a gaining trade. If your trade shows a profitable trend do not close the trade early before reach your targeted profit. Make maximum profit from the trade. Remember that the time and tide will not wait for anybody and it won’t come back.

Do not forget your stop loss. Know your stop loss and do not allow mounting up your loss. Remember that there is stop loss and it is not for a vanity. Use it in right time to avoid a heavy loss.

Build your own trading plan. Develop a trading plan according to your time and the time you can devote for the trade. If you have enough time try a day trading strategy which more people also spending more time in trading. Stick your trading plan and strategy.

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Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to Pensioners

According to Government Order issued by Ministry of Railways dated 29.06.2010, a fixed medical allowance has been granted to Railways Pensioners and Family pensioners. This is as per the reccomendations of Fifth Central Pay commission and that an amount of Rs. 100 per month to be granted to the pensioners as medical allowance and the amount to be enhanced time to time.

as per the recomendation the Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare, the nodal Department on the subject have advised vide OM No. 4/25/2008-P&PW), dated 25-05-2010 that the demand for enhancement of Fixed Medical Allowance has been under consideration of the Government for some time past and the amount of Fixed Medical Allowance has been enhanced from Rs.100/- to Rs.300/- per month. The other conditions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance shall continue to be in force.

The orders shall take effect from 01.09.2008

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Monday, 12 July 2010

eToro Introduces OpenBook, a new trend in Forex Trading

eToro is very much proud to take all of its traders to a new level the "Open Book" free of cost. This will gives you a new community experience, a first of its kind social trading network, allowing its
traders to see the trading activity of other traders in real time, follow
traders that fit their trading preferences and copy the trades they like.

The OpenBook is being launched today to all existing eToro users.

With this one can see what real people are trading at present, live and real time. We can find and follow traders and if we like a particlar trading we can copy the same exact trading pattern and get profit.

Download eToro for FREE and join a fast growing forex community.

Strat Forex Trading With a Free Demo Account

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What is Forex Trading and How to be a sucessful forex trader

Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange) is a rapidly developing business and now it makes business with a daily turnover of around $ 3 trillion. One of the main advantages of forex trading is whenever a trader needs; he can change the money in to any desired currency within no time. Yes high liquidity is the main advantage of forex marketing. And the interesting factor is that he or she should not wait for the market to be opened, because the market is open for all 24 hours a day and closed only weekends. This is the main advantage of forex trading , when we compare it with stock market.

At present the information technology and internet is in advanced stage and it is convenient to trade with a single mouse click. All forex brokers are well advanced and they made it convenient to trade through internet with a high speed and lowest tension. You should not make a phone call or a detailed time consuming searches for information about forex, all required information are available with the trader’s platform itself.

eToro Makes you a Hero in Forex Trading Free of Cost.

eToro is a perfect forex trading platform. It gives all information to help a trader whether he is new or an expert trader. You can avail all required training and help in the site itself. They are providing  free online training with a demo trading account with virtual money. They provide $ 2000/- as virtual money for all free newly joined person. We can trade with this virtual money till we became an experienced trader. They give all directions and guidance as an actual trader and you can learn forex trading slowly with the help of this demo account.

Whenever you feel that you are an efficient trader then only you should start trade with your own money. The interesting thing is that even if you are not highly educated you can make money from forex trading with the help of eToro. Anybody who can operate a computer and internet can trade forex with the help of eToro.

You can invest money a minimum of $50 through PayPal account, credit card, net banking etc. when you wish to start real trading. They allow you a bonus up to $1000 according to the amount of money you invest in first time.

eToro allows you:-

To monitor your trades with ease by watching creative visualizations of your trading activity,

To test your skills and strategies by trading with live rates, without any risk.

To compete against fellow traders for cash prizes and no entry fees.

To trade with precious metals such as Gold and Silver without any difficulty.

You can enjoy real time immediate execution with all your trades using the Webtrader that doesn't require the platform download. And also can look at what currency pairs eToro's top 100 traders are trading at the moment, and use the inside info to your advantage!

Download eToro for FREE and join a fast growing forex community.

Strat Forex Trading With a Free Demo Account

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Mutual funds are the alternative way of investing in Stock Market

Stock Market trading is one of the best ways in making money. Buying and selling shares of companies through stock exchanges is known as stock trading. One can make a lot of money through this stock market trading. This can be done in both online and offline. But for earning from stock trading you must get enough information about the shares you are going to trade. You must watch the market regularly, read newspapers and see News about the stocks and stock market. Even a minute change in the world can change the value of stocks.

If you have no time to do all these home work, you should not go for share trading. You will loss all your hard earned money in no time. Then what is the alternative? Is there any chance to make money from stocks and shares? The answer is yes. Mutual funds are the best solution for avoiding all these herculean tasks.

What is Mutual Fund?

The information Giant Wikipedia says that, “A mutual fund is a professionally managed type of collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors and invests typically in investment securities (stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, other mutual funds, other securities, and/or commodities such as precious metals”
Yes this is the best definition of Mutual Fund. Mutual Fund companies collect money from many investors in small units and deposit this money into various stocks and other financial instrument and divide the profit to all small units. Then the value of mutual fund is increasing and the investor can get this when you redeem the fund or through dividends. All these works are done by expert fund managers those who have a professional experience. They can predict what would happen in the financial world and can act accordingly in time, because they know the pulses of stock market. So you can earn a better profit from the fluctuations of stock market.
Your money in the stock market will be safe than you directly enter in to stock market, if you go through a mutual fund. This mutual fund has high liquidity and you can make it in to liquid cash at any time you want according to the terms of mutual fund. So I advise you to go for mutual fund, if you have not enough experience in stock market and at the same time you wish to make money from stocks and shares.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Get Additional Tax Exemptions under Section 80CCF

The Following companies are eligible for issuing infra structure bonds under section 80CCF which allows you to earn additional Rs. 20,000 Exemption.

IFCI     (Industrial Finance Corporation of India)

IDFC     (Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited)

LIC     (Life Insurance Corporation of India)

NBFCs     (a Non-Banking Finance Company which is classified as Infrastructure Finance Co. By R.B.I)

The Allowable savings for tax exemption till the financial year 2009-10 was Rs. 100,000/- But from the financial year 2010 -11 you can avail exemption up to Rs. 120,000/- Savings in Tax Exemption Instruments. But the additional Rs. 20,000/- must be in infrastructure bonds.

The above mentioned companies are eligible for issuing such infrastucture Bonds. These infrastructure bonds are long-term bonds for 10 years with a lock in period of 5 years and the PAN (Permanent Account Number) is mandatory for investing in such bonds.  The investor may be redeem this bonds after 5 years.

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Friday, 9 July 2010

Stock Market Trading, the things should be considered.

One the best methods of making money or profit through online or offline are stock trading. Buying and selling the shares of companies, which are listed in the stock market and earn a profit out of it is stock market trading. There is a high chance of risk also in the stock exchange trading. If you are not vigilant and experienced, instead of making money all your investments may be vanished within no time.

In this article I wish to explain the things you should do and should avoid when you try to make money from stock market.

Learn stock market and individual stocks well before investing. Read more related articles, books and all available information to get knowledge about the stock you wish to purchase.

Avoid the shares of companies which have an important role in fixing the consumer price index, that is, the companies which are large players in the country’s GDP.

Do not follow blindly the stock brokers, or the financial Medias and friends. Study well, do some homework and go ahead. If the money is not made in your mind you cannot make money from the market. So buy the shares only when you have a confidence in them.

Avoid the companies which have a lot of debt in their balance sheet. An easy way is that check any large amount of debt in the current year balance sheet. It is not easy to overcome that debt and get the company in a strong financial position in one or two years.

Do not make bulk purchase of the shares of one company. Widen your portfolio and sectors so that if one sector or one company goes failed you can compensate from other companies.

Select the companies which are paying high dividend and also check whether the dividend payout shows an increasing trend in last few years. Only a strong company can pay high and increasing dividend for years.

Select the companies which have a price earnings ratio is less than or equals to S&P 500 index's price-to-earnings ratio.( The S&P 500 is a free-float capitalization-weighted index published since 1957 of the prices of 500 large-cap common stocks actively traded in the United States.)

Do not stay more in one share if it shows a diminishing trend. Fix a stop loss percentage and disperse when it cross that border and at the same time do not wait for much profit. Fix a profit ratio and sell it off when it crosses the range.

Select the Leading companies which have a good record and have a good industrial leadership. The cost of such shares may be high and if you cannot afford such shares try for a company which has an important position within the same type of industries.

Select a company which has no strong competition. Such type of company can have a good financial position and the shares also fetch out more profit.
If you are keen with watchful eye you can reap a good harvest from the stock market. So wish you all the best and hope that you may conquer the stock market.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

How to Invest in Gold and Take benefit from the Yellow Metal

Investing in Gold is not a new idea. The ideas were there about four thousand years ago. Our forefathers used gold as a investment properties and kept in clay pots beneath soil which they thought was a safe place. The attraction of gold was there from the old age itself. Now also the attraction remains same or a little bit brighter than earlier.
There are so many ways to invest in gold, the yellow metal. We can check some of them.

Invest in Gold coins.

The existence of gold coins was there from the metal age itself and people consider this valuable metal as money and do exchanges in the media of this metal and when the technology developed the piece of metal turned as gold coins and take the position of money. No I don’t think that the gold coin is using as money anywhere in the world. But this gold coin is consider as one of the investment media and can convert easily in to liquid money and purity of gold coin also fine. Now we can get gold coins in different size and easily available from market and banks.

Gold bars.

Just like gold coins, gold bars also available in market and can invest in them conveniently.
Gold Ornaments.

People especially ladies used to wear gold ornaments which was supposed to increase their beauty and these ornaments also an important media of investment in Gold, But not easy to convert into money as easy as gold coins and the purity of gold ornaments also lesser than gold coins. Because when making ornaments with gold Copper also would be added with it in a certain ratio and this copper reduced the value of gold. So I strongly suggest that if you buy gold for investment propose go for gold coins than gold ornaments.
Gold Exchange Traded Funds.

This is one of the convenient methods of investing in gold. Gold Exchange Traded Funds are open ended mutual funds which are investing in gold and the price varies according to the variation of gold price in the market. One can invest in gold without keeping real gold with you and can earn profit from gold. These mutual funds are in small unit and one can invest without spending a lot of money. One of the main advantages in these funds is that you should not worry about adulteration in physical gold. It can be traded in stock exchanges like other mutual fund and shares and high liquidity and transparency.

Trade Gold through forex platforms. Some forex trading platforms also allow you to trade gold through internet and can make profit out of such trade without any worry. eToro is one of such platform allows you to trade forex without taking any charges from you.
Invest in Gold Mines.

This is also one of the methods of investing in gold. Invest in the shares of gold mines or the mutual funds which are investing in shares of gold mines. The share value of gold mines varies according to the availability of god from the mine and then you can also get a share of profit from the gold mine through yours shares or mutual funds.

Keep in mind all the above methods of investment in gold and when you go for investment in gold try one of the best convenient method.

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Expected D.A hike from July 2010
Car and Auto Insurance – Avail Maximum Discount
eToro A Convenient Forex Trading System

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Expected D.A hike from July 2010

It was expected that a 10% Hike in Dearness allowance for Central Government employees from July 2010 due to increase of consumer price index. The present D.A is 35% from January 2010. Normally D.A for central government increases twice in an year (January & July) to meet the increasing consumer price index.

End of May 2010 it was expected that the D.A may be increased to 45% from July 2010. But now the expectation came down to 8% - 9%. Anyway Central Government Employees can expect at least 8% additional D.A from July 2010 onwards.

Latest News

The D.A has been declared on 16 September, 2010. See the detialed news

Car and Auto Insurance - Avail Maximum Discount

Get discount for car auto insuranceEvery year you are spending money for the insurance of your car or other vehicles. Are you aware that you can avail various types of discounts and rebate, when you go for a car or auto insurance. We can see so many insurance institutions and they are offering a lot of insurance policies with rebate or discounts. Actually a normal person cannot identify all of them and cannot select a particular policy or institution due to the lavishness of such institutions and policies. Here I am trying to list out some of such rebates and discounts which may help you to seek for the renewal of your car or auto insurance policy or for a new policy.

1.    No claim bonus. You may be aware of this bonus that if you have not made any claim for the policy period or previous years you are eligible to get a rebate for the renewal of your insurance. If you have not claimed compensation from insurance companies you can carry forward this no claim bonus for your new car or other vehicle and it will lower your premium to a substantiate level.

2.    Multiple policy benefit.
If you take insurance policy for your new car or for your home from the same insurance provider, you can claim for multiple policy discounts which is providing by the institution to its valuable customers.

3.    Safety fittings.
If your car has safety fittings such as airbags, factory-installed motorized seatbelts, factory-installed all-wheel, anti-lock braking system or Anti-Theft Devices you can avail lower premium.

4.    Discount for safe and expert driving.
If you or your driver who drives the vehicle is careful expert driver who has a clean track record without accidents or driving low violations or you have learned driving from a state approved driving class you can avail discount for your auto insurance premium.

5.    Student discount. If you are a student you can avail some rebates according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider.

6.    Senor Citizens and retired persons.
If you are senior citizen or retired person you can ask for a discount for your auto insurance premium.

7.    Utility vehicles. If you are using your vehicle for any public utility purpose such as pick-up truck etc. you can avail a discount for your insurance premium.

8.    New Vehicles.
Some cases the dealers of car or vehicle decalre free insurance or rebated insurance, try to avail such benefits.

9. Woman Driver's Discount. Some car insurance companies offer  a discount for woman drivers. If the car is running by an woman driver, you can avail a discount. Studies says that woman drivers are safe drivers than man drivers.

Ultimately when you go for the insurance of your car or other vehicles, whether it is a new policy or renewal of a policy, try to get all the available benefits. But keep in mind the above mentioned benefits are available only according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider and also according to the law of the land.

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An Introdoction to Investment
eToro A Convenient Forex Trading System

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

eToro A Convenient Forex Trading System

Forex marketing is one of the great and interesting ways to make money. No doubt we can handle it easy, but can handle easily than any other businesses with the help of good and advanced trading platform. Like stock trading forex trading also need a watchful eye. But a good trading system can solve all your worries and difficulties.

eToro is one of them and some time the most suitable, because it gives all support and help to an inexperienced person become a good trader. Let us examine some of their features which is helpful for a forex trader.

Innovative user-friendly interface – execute trades with on click of a button. Anybody can operate this system easily.

Unlimited practice – practice your trading techniques with a free demo account with virtual money and live rates. This practices you can continue till you get enough confidence and then only you should start trading with real molney.

Streaming news – get the latest forex updates as they happen and it is helpful for a trader to know the exact forex world.

Low spreads – trade with the lowest spreads online, as low as 2 pips spread.

Superb execution – trades are executed immediately with great precision. No doubt you will be enthusiastic with this speed and accuracy. This speed and accuracy you can experience even through the free demo account.

Low margin requirement – start trading forex with only $50, and get a first deposit bonus of up to $1000! They are offering you a percentage of your first deposit as an additional support for you. Following are the bonus details according to your first deposit.

Initial Deposit - Bonus

You can get a good bonus for your initial deposits.

Commodities Trading – You can trade Gold, Silver and Oil easily and conveniently through the eToro platform.

Web trader - no need to download the trading platform to your computer. Just install simple and reliable software to reach all etoro trading world

Community experience – connect with you fellow traders using public and private chats and forums and facilitates to clear all your doubts and worries.

Trading challenges - win prizes simply by trading, no entry fees required!

No Trading Charge or Commission. eToro will not charge any money as trading charge or commission even from the beginning or from an expert trading.

Download eToro for FREE today for a new kind of forex experience!

Last but not least we can trade forex round the clock according our convenient time. For stock Exchange we can trade only when the stock market is open, but forex trading is for 24 hours and 7 days every week. Whenever you are free you can make extra money with the help of etoro through your computer.

Join etoro for a Free Demo Forex Trading

Sunday, 4 July 2010

An Introdoction to Investment

What does investment means? Is it just making money? If it is so all money earning activities may be investments. But those are not. Working for money, gambling, some type of business etc. are not coming under the definition of investments. We can say that when we spend money for getting more money through a systematic and legal method is investment. It may be in various ways. But some of the common methods of investments are going to narrate through this website.  Those may be some systematic methods, opinions, experiences or teachings of some experts.

Some investment methods are shown below:

Bank Deposits

This is one of the safest and popular investment methods and those who are not ready to bear any risk can deposit money in bank deposits. These deposits are varying according to banks and the depositor will get interest according to the terms and conditions of the bank and also according to the amount and time period of deposit. Normal people can deposit money in this account and can earn interest for their money. The main benefit is that there is no risk in this investment, if the investment is in any reputed institutions.

Investments in Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares are the part of ownership of a company or a corporate body. The Total capital of the company is divided into small units and the money value of each unit is called the face value of the stock and unit is called the share of the company. It means just the literary meaning of share, that is a share of the ownership of the company. One can buy this shares directly from the company through Initial Public Offerings (I.P.O) or can buy from the market (Stock Market). The market value of shares will be varied according to the influence of so many factors. Investing in shares or stocks means getting the ownership of the company or getting dividend from the company or getting profit from the variation of the market value of shares.

Forex (Foreign currency exchange)

Making profit out of the changing value of currencies of various countries and this also considered one of the best methods of investment.

Real estate

Investing in immovable properties such as land, building etc. are also considered as one of the main method of investments. Buying and selling of properties with a profit is non as investment in real estate.

Gold and Silver

Another major and traditional method of investments is invest in Gold, Silver or other precious metals. The Value of Gold never go downwards. So invest in Gold is really a profitable one.


As traditional meaning it could not be consider as an investment. But when we consider investment we could not avoid insurance. Because through insurance we can secure our investment from uncertainties.

In this blog we can discuss various methods, ideas, tips, probloms and solutions of all investment related matters.