Sunday, 4 July 2010

An Introdoction to Investment

What does investment means? Is it just making money? If it is so all money earning activities may be investments. But those are not. Working for money, gambling, some type of business etc. are not coming under the definition of investments. We can say that when we spend money for getting more money through a systematic and legal method is investment. It may be in various ways. But some of the common methods of investments are going to narrate through this website.  Those may be some systematic methods, opinions, experiences or teachings of some experts.

Some investment methods are shown below:

Bank Deposits

This is one of the safest and popular investment methods and those who are not ready to bear any risk can deposit money in bank deposits. These deposits are varying according to banks and the depositor will get interest according to the terms and conditions of the bank and also according to the amount and time period of deposit. Normal people can deposit money in this account and can earn interest for their money. The main benefit is that there is no risk in this investment, if the investment is in any reputed institutions.

Investments in Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares are the part of ownership of a company or a corporate body. The Total capital of the company is divided into small units and the money value of each unit is called the face value of the stock and unit is called the share of the company. It means just the literary meaning of share, that is a share of the ownership of the company. One can buy this shares directly from the company through Initial Public Offerings (I.P.O) or can buy from the market (Stock Market). The market value of shares will be varied according to the influence of so many factors. Investing in shares or stocks means getting the ownership of the company or getting dividend from the company or getting profit from the variation of the market value of shares.

Forex (Foreign currency exchange)

Making profit out of the changing value of currencies of various countries and this also considered one of the best methods of investment.

Real estate

Investing in immovable properties such as land, building etc. are also considered as one of the main method of investments. Buying and selling of properties with a profit is non as investment in real estate.

Gold and Silver

Another major and traditional method of investments is invest in Gold, Silver or other precious metals. The Value of Gold never go downwards. So invest in Gold is really a profitable one.


As traditional meaning it could not be consider as an investment. But when we consider investment we could not avoid insurance. Because through insurance we can secure our investment from uncertainties.

In this blog we can discuss various methods, ideas, tips, probloms and solutions of all investment related matters.


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