Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Car and Auto Insurance - Avail Maximum Discount

Get discount for car auto insuranceEvery year you are spending money for the insurance of your car or other vehicles. Are you aware that you can avail various types of discounts and rebate, when you go for a car or auto insurance. We can see so many insurance institutions and they are offering a lot of insurance policies with rebate or discounts. Actually a normal person cannot identify all of them and cannot select a particular policy or institution due to the lavishness of such institutions and policies. Here I am trying to list out some of such rebates and discounts which may help you to seek for the renewal of your car or auto insurance policy or for a new policy.

1.    No claim bonus. You may be aware of this bonus that if you have not made any claim for the policy period or previous years you are eligible to get a rebate for the renewal of your insurance. If you have not claimed compensation from insurance companies you can carry forward this no claim bonus for your new car or other vehicle and it will lower your premium to a substantiate level.

2.    Multiple policy benefit.
If you take insurance policy for your new car or for your home from the same insurance provider, you can claim for multiple policy discounts which is providing by the institution to its valuable customers.

3.    Safety fittings.
If your car has safety fittings such as airbags, factory-installed motorized seatbelts, factory-installed all-wheel, anti-lock braking system or Anti-Theft Devices you can avail lower premium.

4.    Discount for safe and expert driving.
If you or your driver who drives the vehicle is careful expert driver who has a clean track record without accidents or driving low violations or you have learned driving from a state approved driving class you can avail discount for your auto insurance premium.

5.    Student discount. If you are a student you can avail some rebates according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider.

6.    Senor Citizens and retired persons.
If you are senior citizen or retired person you can ask for a discount for your auto insurance premium.

7.    Utility vehicles. If you are using your vehicle for any public utility purpose such as pick-up truck etc. you can avail a discount for your insurance premium.

8.    New Vehicles.
Some cases the dealers of car or vehicle decalre free insurance or rebated insurance, try to avail such benefits.

9. Woman Driver's Discount. Some car insurance companies offer  a discount for woman drivers. If the car is running by an woman driver, you can avail a discount. Studies says that woman drivers are safe drivers than man drivers.

Ultimately when you go for the insurance of your car or other vehicles, whether it is a new policy or renewal of a policy, try to get all the available benefits. But keep in mind the above mentioned benefits are available only according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider and also according to the law of the land.

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