Wednesday, 21 July 2010

eToro Introduces The New Guardian Angel for all and 30% extra bonus for first time investors

Guardian Angel is a new system which eToro (A leading Forex Trading System) introduces to all of its traders which allows you to monitor you trading activity, analyze your trades and actions, motivate you for balanced trading and it helps to take good decision in trading. Whenever you open or close a trading activity, it gives out a message with most relevant data. It helps you to :

1.    Analysis and insights on your risk management strategy

2.    Market news and economic events

3.    Market volatility alerts;

Your trading skills will develop by accessing the system of Guardian angel on regular basis.

It will improve your trading statistics with real time performance alerts and Cut down on trading errors using the system’s risk management tips. It will improve your reaction to market events with real time news flashes

Let us see how you could access the Guardian Angel.

Just go to “Top Traders Insight” Tab in the community bar and click on the Guardian Angel's link. This new system gives you free of cost and available for all traders both demo traders and Traders with real money.

30% Extra Bonus to all new Traders

eToro offers a limited time extra Bonus of 30% of the first time investment. You can get the promotion code when you open the guardian angel, you get a message with the promotion code after waiting some time.Deposit a first time real money between $500- $10000 and then enter the promotion code and see that an addition of 30% extra on your account.

Hurry up grab this opportunity before it closes,  Start an account and get guardian angel system and 30% extra bonus

Join eToro free to Get all this Free System and many more to get a good profit from Forex Trading

Just See the Screen Shot with Guardian Angel System

Strat Forex Trading With a Free Demo Account

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