Thursday, 8 July 2010

How to Invest in Gold and Take benefit from the Yellow Metal

Investing in Gold is not a new idea. The ideas were there about four thousand years ago. Our forefathers used gold as a investment properties and kept in clay pots beneath soil which they thought was a safe place. The attraction of gold was there from the old age itself. Now also the attraction remains same or a little bit brighter than earlier.
There are so many ways to invest in gold, the yellow metal. We can check some of them.

Invest in Gold coins.

The existence of gold coins was there from the metal age itself and people consider this valuable metal as money and do exchanges in the media of this metal and when the technology developed the piece of metal turned as gold coins and take the position of money. No I don’t think that the gold coin is using as money anywhere in the world. But this gold coin is consider as one of the investment media and can convert easily in to liquid money and purity of gold coin also fine. Now we can get gold coins in different size and easily available from market and banks.

Gold bars.

Just like gold coins, gold bars also available in market and can invest in them conveniently.
Gold Ornaments.

People especially ladies used to wear gold ornaments which was supposed to increase their beauty and these ornaments also an important media of investment in Gold, But not easy to convert into money as easy as gold coins and the purity of gold ornaments also lesser than gold coins. Because when making ornaments with gold Copper also would be added with it in a certain ratio and this copper reduced the value of gold. So I strongly suggest that if you buy gold for investment propose go for gold coins than gold ornaments.
Gold Exchange Traded Funds.

This is one of the convenient methods of investing in gold. Gold Exchange Traded Funds are open ended mutual funds which are investing in gold and the price varies according to the variation of gold price in the market. One can invest in gold without keeping real gold with you and can earn profit from gold. These mutual funds are in small unit and one can invest without spending a lot of money. One of the main advantages in these funds is that you should not worry about adulteration in physical gold. It can be traded in stock exchanges like other mutual fund and shares and high liquidity and transparency.

Trade Gold through forex platforms. Some forex trading platforms also allow you to trade gold through internet and can make profit out of such trade without any worry. eToro is one of such platform allows you to trade forex without taking any charges from you.
Invest in Gold Mines.

This is also one of the methods of investing in gold. Invest in the shares of gold mines or the mutual funds which are investing in shares of gold mines. The share value of gold mines varies according to the availability of god from the mine and then you can also get a share of profit from the gold mine through yours shares or mutual funds.

Keep in mind all the above methods of investment in gold and when you go for investment in gold try one of the best convenient method.

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