Saturday, 24 July 2010

SIS – Systematic Investment in Stocks

You must have heard of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). But I am not sure that you have heard of SIS (Systematic Investment in Stocks). My Stock Broking firm, one of the leading stock broking firms termed a system of investment in stock as SIS (Systematic Investment in Stocks). Let us see what it is. They are telling that just like SIP (SIP is mostly used in investing in Mutual funds) you can invest in shares also.

What they do that they send SMS of some particular selected shares which can be invested in that month and most of them are penny shares and the customer can invest in that shares and when it reach to targeted price we can sell it off. Most of them are very profitable and we can invest in it with a small amount and   invest regularly in those shares the firm informed us every month and get a systematic growth in your money and profit.

One of the main advantages is that if you don’t have enough knowledge in stock market trading you can use this method and can earn a wonderful profit. If you are busy and have enough time to study the market also you can use this method to get a good catch from stock market. If you have time you can analyze these shares and can buy them. But if you do not study more about these shares you won’t lose your money, but keep in mind that you must sell it off in the right time, the margin they are telling. It is more risky to wait more.

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