Wednesday, 8 September 2010

C.C.L or Child Care Leave

Woman employees having minor children may be granted child care leave for a maximum of two years (730 days) during the entire service for taking care of their up to two minor children for rearing or for their needs such as examination, sickness etc. During this leave the employee shall be paid the leave salary equals to the pay she drawn immediately before proceeding the leave.

Conditions of C.C.L (Child Care Leave)

The Child should be less than 18 years of age.

It may be availed of in more than one spell. More than one time she can avail this leave. But the total leave should be less than or equal to two years.

She should not have any other leave in credit. But this condition is deleted by the further clarification subject to the following conditions:-

(a)   CCL will be a maximum of 3 spells in a calendar year.

(b)   CCL may not be granted for less than 15 days.

(c)   CCL can be granted during the probation period only in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied about the need of Child Care Leave to the probationer. It may also be ensured that the period for which this leave is sanctioned during probation is minimal.

C.C.L should be treated just like earned leave. But it does not meant that the leave will  be accumulated, if not taken.

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  1. My kids are 11 and 13 years old, and are with their father who is posted in doha qatar for the past 4 years,i was on eol for a period of 2 years, and now travel as and when leave is available, so they are leftt alone at the moment.i work witht the min. of agri. can i avail ccl to be with my kids during their exams or when they are sick or just to be with them? is it necessary that the kids have to be in india?

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