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MACPS - Clarifications

Further Clarifications have been sought by various Ministries / Departments about certain issues in connection with implementation of the MACPS. The doubts raised by various quarters have been duly examined and point-wise clarifications have accordingly been indicated in the Annexure.

Reference:- Office Memorandum No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 07.09.2010

1. Whether the Pay Band would change in the hierarchy of Pay Bands & Grade Pay on grant of the benefits under MACPS?

Yes. The upgradations under MACPS is to be granted in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay (band and grade pay as prescribed in the CCS, (RP) Rules, 2008.

2. Whether the benefits of MACPS would be allowed to the Government servants who have been later on inducted in the Organized Group “A” Service

No. The benefits under MACPS is not applicable to Group ‘A’ officer of Organised Group ‘A’ Services, as the officer under Organized Group ‘A’ Services have already been allowed panty of two years on non-functional basis with the officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

3. How will the benefits of ACP be granted if due between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008?

The new MACPS has come into existence w.e.f. 01.09.2008. However, the pay structure has been changed w.e.f. 01.01.2006. Therefore the previous ACPS would be applicable in the new pay structure adopted w e f . 01.01.2006. Para 6.1 of Annexure-1 of MACPS is only for exercising option for coming over to the revised pay structure and not for grant of benefits under MACPS. The following illustrations would explain the position:

(A) In the case of isolated post:

Date of appointment in entry Grade in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.4000-6000: 01.10.1982

1st ACP granted on 09.08.1999 :
Rs.4500-7000 (pre-revised)

2nd ACP due on 01 10 2006 :
Rs.5000-8000 (pre-revised)
[revised PB-2 Grade Pay of Rs.4200]

3rd financial upgradation under the MACPS would be due on 01.10 2012 (on completion of 30 years of continuous regular service) in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay band and grade pay i.e. Grade Pay of Rs.4600 in PB-2.

(B) In the case of normal promotional hierarchy:

Date of appointment in entry Grade in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.5500-9000: 01.10.1982

1st ACP granted on 09.08.1999 :
Rs.6500-10500 (pre-revised)

2nd ACP due on 01.10.2006 (as per the existing hierarchy) :
Rs.10000-15200 (pre-revised).

Therefore, 2nd ACP would be in PB-3 with Grade Pay of Rs.6600 (in terms of hierarchy available):

3rd financial upgradation under MACPS would be due on 01.10.2012 in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay band and grade pay of Rs.7600.

4. Whether the benefits of MACPS would be granted from the date of entry grade or from the date of the regular service/approved service counted under various service rules

The benefits under MACPS would be available from the date of actual joining of the post in the entry grade.

5. In a case where a person is appointed to an ex-cadre post in higher scale on deputation followed by absorption. whether the period spent on deputation perlod would be counted as continuous service in the grade or not for the purpose of MACPS

(i) Where a person is appointed on direct recruitment/deputation basis from another post in the same grade, then past regular service as well as past promotions/ACP, in the earlier post, will be counted for computing regular service for the purpose of MACPS in the new hierarchy.

(ii) However, where a person iS appointed to an ex-cadre post in higher scale initially on deputation followed by absorption, while the service rendered in the earlier post, which was in a lower scale cannot be counted, there is no objection to the period spent initially on deputation in the ex-cadre post prior to absorption being counted towards regular service for the purposes of grant of financial upgradation under MACPS, as it is in the same Pay band/grade pay of the post.

6. Whether the pay scale/grade pay of substantive post would be taken into account for appointment/selection to a higher post on deputation basis or the pay scale/grade pay carrying by a Government servant on account financial up gradation(s) under ACP/MACP Scheme

The pay scale/grade pay of substantive post would only be taken into account for deciding the eligibility for appointment/selection to a higher post on deputation basis.

7. In a case where 1st/2nd~ financial upgradations are postponed on account of the employees not found fit or due to departmental proceedings, etc. whether this would have consequential effect on the 2nd/3rd financial upgradation or not.

Yes. If a financial upgradation has been deferred/postponed on account of the employee not found fit or due to departmental proceedings, etc.. the 2nd/3rd financial upgradations under MACPS would have consequential effect. (Para 18 of Annexure-1 of MACPS referred).

8. In a case where the Government servant have already earned three promotions and still stagnated in one grade for more than 10 years, whether he would be entitle for any further upgradation under MACPS

No. Since the Government servant has already earned three promotions, he would not be entitled for any further financial upgradation under MACPS.

9. Whether the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.2750-4400 in respect of Group ‘D’ non matriculate employees, would also be taken as merged to grade pay of Rs.1800 for the purpose of MACPS in view of merger of pre-revised pay scales of Rs.2550-3200, Rs.2610-3540, Rs.2610-4000 and Rs.2650-4000, which have been upgraded and replaced by the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.1800 in the pay band PB-1.


10. If a Govt Servant on deputation earns upgradation under MACPS in the parent cadre, whether he would be entitled for deputation (duty) allowance on the pay and emoluments granted under the MACPS or not?

No. While eligibility of an employee for appointment against ex-cadre posts in terms of the provisions of the RRs of the ex-cadre post will continue to be determined with reference to the post/pay scale of the post held in the parent cadre on regular basis (and not with reference to the higher scale granted under ACPS/MACPS). Such an officer, in the event of his selection, may be allowed to opt to draw the pay in the higher scale under ACP/MACP Scheme without deputation allowance during the period of deputation, if it is more beneficial than the normal entitlements under the existing general order regulating pay on appointment on deputation basis.

11. Since the pay scales of Group “D” employees have been merged and placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.1800, whether they are entitled for grant of increment @ 3% during pay fixation at every stage.

Yes. On the analogy of point 22 of Annexure-1 of MACPS, the pay of such Group “D” employees who have been placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.1800 w.e.f. 01.01.2006 shall be fixed successively in the next three immediate higher grade pays in the hierarchy of revised pay bands and grade pays allowing the benefit of 3% pay fixation at every stage.

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  1. physician assistant14 September 2010 at 09:41

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  2. we are working in ex-cadre post in goverment of raiways ministry, my question is that at the time of selection we offered next higher grade. But after MACP on parent cader at present our grade pay is same with the ex-cader post Rs.4600. Our demand is as we are not getting any financial benifit please sanction next higher grade pay. Can we get next grade pay Rs. 4800 and also inform who is the sanction authority?

  3. I joined ICAR services on 21.6.1975. I was promoted to UDC through limited departmental exam during 1983 and thereafter promoted to Asstt. on 27.4.1993. I refused 3rd promotion as AAO offered to me during Feb., 2006 (i.e. after 8 months of completion of 30 years of service -1975 -2005 and 13 years in a grade – 1993- 2006). I had completed 30 years of service on 21.6.2005 and 10 years of service as ASSTT on 27.4.2003. I had not been granted 3rd financial upgradation by my office in view of of para 25 macp as I had refused promotion before 1.8.2009 i.e. date of implimentation of the MACP . In my opinion as per para 25 macp I refused promotion after becoming eligible for 3rd upgradation which was stagnated (completed 10 years in a grade) on the post of ASSTT on 27.4.2003 after serving 13 years at the post of ASSTT.(DOP as ASSTT – 4/93 – date of refusal 2/2006). Please clarify whether I am eligible for 3rd upgradation w.e.f. 27.4.2003 i.e. 1.9.2008


  5. I joined the service in Jan, 1997. Between the period from August, 2002 to August, 2005 (three years) I was on deputation on higher scale. My ACP was due on July, 2008. My question is whether my service period on deputation is counted for the ACP? And on fixation any benefit for three increments (deputation period) is there?

  6. Sir,
    I had given my case wherein the benefit of MACP has been denied whereas similar candidates such as me who are junior in the current unit of working as well as the former unit .
    As far as my case is concerned. I was appointed as ASM in SCRlyon 18.01.2011 in scale Rs.330-560/- and was promoted to scale Rs, 425-640/- w.e.f. 01.08.198 and to scale Rs.455-700 w.e.f 01.08.1995. Later, on request I was transferred on bottom seniority and in bottom scale Rs 330-560/- on 26.10.1988.
    Further I was promoted to 1400-2600/- w.e..r.31.01.1991. On selection I was selected to the post of Section Controller w.e.f. 24.09.19999 in scle Rs. 5500-9000/-(Grade Pay 4200), then was promoted to Scale Rs. 6500-10500 as Deputy Chief Controller w.e.f. 16.09.2003 and now I am drawing GP Rs,4600/-.
    I have completed 33 yearsof service.
    I request you to clarify this. My batchmates in other divisions were granted ACP and also MACP also.
    why this disparity?please clarify and I am thankful for that.

  7. I was appointed to group D post peon 1979. I became clerk in April, 1980 through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE). Through promition I became sr. clerk and then Assistant in the grade pay of Rs.4200/-. Am I eligible for third macp on completion of 30 years of service. Since there was change in cadre from supporting staff to clerical my contention is that my promotion from group d to group c will not be considered a promotion for macp. please guide in the matter

  8. Sir,
    I want a clarification. Joined regular service as a Data Entry Operator Gr.A on 16.1.1995. Promoted as DEO Gr.B on 23-3-2001 on adhoc basis. even though vacant post was available. DPC convened on 26.12.2001 and regularised wef 1.1.2002.
    Am i eligible for MACP from 23.3.2011 or 1.1.2012. My contention is that since it was clarified that ad hoc service issue mentioned in the MACP is realted to joining of service and it was clarified that "anyone who has SPENT in a grade for 10 years are eligible for next grade", i am eligible for the same from 23.3.2011.

    Pls clarify


  9. An employee appointed in1200-2040 grade in 1988 february and he get promotion in 1400-2300 grade in1990 october after that he came on transfer own request in1998 in 1200-2040 grade.he again promoted in 1400-2300 grade in nov. 2003
    Please tell me when he get MACP benefit with rule no.
    My E mail

  10. how we calculate the ACP between 1.1.2006 to Sept 2008 in the merged scale Rs. 5000-5500 and 6500 with Rs. 4200 grade pay. we completed 16 years services. What benefit for us. MACP ignored ACP's before 1.1.2006 what about after 1.12006 to 2008. Please clarify. Why these merged scales are not ignored before implementation of macp for all. Order is not clear. Technical person is suffering so much because we don't have too much strength like Assistant and PA. These people are attached to officers and they present their problem their. We are attached to technical department where we are only involved in work. Earlier If one stenographer join in Scale Rs. 4000 after that they got ACP in scale 6500/- and we joined in the scale Rs. 5000/- after that we got ACP in scale Rs. 5500 and 2nd 6500/- Whom we shall contact. We didn't get any promotion till date. Technical posts are very much isolated.
    Main please clarify ACP between 1.1.2006 to Sept 2008 in the merged scale Rs. 5000-5500 and 6500 with Rs. 4200 grade pay. we completed 16 years services. What benefit for us. MACP ignored ACP's before 1.1.2006 what about after 1.12006 to 2008.