Saturday, 30 October 2010

How to save money on your car insurance or auto insurance.

When you go for an auto insurance or car insurance you have to give a lot of money for the insurance. Most of us do not know how they fix our premium. If you are well aware of the car insurance or auto insurance, you can reduce a lot of money by premium and also can save enough money on your claim also. Let us go through some important points to be remembered when you go for a car insurance or auto insurance.

What should we insured?

The first and foremost thing we should know our insurance needs. All countries have some guidelines and also require some minimum basic insurance requirements. One main thing is that the insurance against body injuries and damage while an accident taken place and the second one is property damage insurance. But these two things do not cover all damages and claims. So you have to know more details about the insurance. In some countries there are so many classifications of damage and you must be aware that what should be insured and what not. I personally know one case that in United States, one of my friends, recently migrated to United States, purchased a second hand car with $ 3000 and taken insurance and all. But unfortunately the car collided with another car came from opposite side. He spends around $3000 (almost same amount he paid for the car) to repair, but then only he came to know that his insurance was not covered for collision. He didn’t get any claim for the car. So we must be well aware about the insurance cover as well as the premium we should pay.

Aware the discount we could get for car or auto insurance.

Almost all car insurance companies offer a lot of discounts for car insurance or auto insurance. The important items are multiple car discount, group discount, good grades discount, company discounts, low mileage discount, no claim bonus, multiple policy benefit, discount for safety fittings, discount for safe and expert driving, student discount, discount for senior citizens and retired persons, discount for vehicles using for public utilities, discount for new vehicles etc. etc. Most insurance companies are not disclosing these discounts unless we ask for the same. So be aware about these discounts and try to get maximum discount for your car insurance or auto insurance.

Choosing the right insurance company

Another important thing is that choose the right insurance company to get insured your vehicle. Ask the performance and details of the company, time and procedures for booking and getting a claim etc. If you search online, ask your friends or discuss the matter in an online forum,  you can know the cheapest quotes and also can be aware the performance of the company. I mean dealings before and after insure your vehicle. Some companies are very attractive to insure our vehicles and when the claim comes they may be very strict and may arise so many problems. So get aware about the company before being insured.

Get the cheapest insurance quote with high protection

This is one the main thing to reduce the premium that gets insurance quotes from different companies before being committed. Just search online for cheapest auto insurance quotes or car insurance quotes and you can get a lot of them. Choose some of them from your area and make bargain and you can fix a good deal within no time.

In this consumer dominated era you can save a lot of money for your insurance premium and also from the insurance claims, if there is any misshapenness occurred.

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