Sunday, 3 October 2010

Know More about Dow Jones

Dow Jones is a best known name related with shares, related products and services. This is one of the best known firms in the world in its kind. They are providing high standard and non competing products and these products help much in your business.

One of the important firms of Dow Jones is Dow Jones Index which has been established in 1882 and it has a famous position in the history for more than a decade. The Most common product of Dow Jones is the Wall Street Journal which gives reliable information about shares and other financial products. The Journal established in 1889 and now its spreads its editions and publications almost all part of the world.

Long before the introduction of Internet, the Dow Jones Index was digitally stored and made available its data through online to its customers.  It became global in 1967 itself. Because of providing unique and high quality products, they survive such a long time. For many time they got awards and recognitions for their high quality products and services. Some of them are CII Codie Awards of 2007 and 2008, Business Journalist of the 2008 year award, London, 2007 American Business Media, Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism award, 2007 Selling Power Sales Excellence Award etc.

The Dow Jones not only cares their customers, but their employees also. This is one of the major institutions who believe that the peace of mind and welfare of their employees is their greatest asset. They are providing the best and safest working environment to their employees and try to improve it constantly.

The firm aims the satisfaction of their customers as well as the financial well being of the customers. They believe that if the customers’ financial position is sound theirs’ also will be better. So after many decades they are still ahead of all their competitors.

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