Tuesday, 12 October 2010

LTC or Leave Travel Concession - Things Must Do

You may be aware that a government servant can avail Leave Travel Concession to his home town once in a block of two years and to anywhere in India once in a block of four years for himself and his family by Air, Road,Ship or Train according to the grade pay of the government servant. Let us examine the things should be done by a government servant before availing LTC.

Ensure the Home town is in service records

The first and foremost thing a government servant should do for the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is that he or she should ensure the home town is correctly entered in the service records, if not or if there is any changes in the home town, take necessary steps to enter it correctly.

Inform to the respective authority

Before the commencement of the journey he/she should inform the Controlling Officer. If you wish to take the LTC to anywhere in India by the youself or with family or for any family member, inform it to the controlling officer before the journey and the person must visit that place to get the LTC. If there is any change in the informed place to visit, inform that change also before the journey to the changed place.

Produce relevant proof

The officer is liable to produce evidence of the journey performed, such as serial numbers of railway tickets etc. to convince that the journey has actually being performed.

Advance for LTC

A government servant can take upto 90% of the amount as advance of LTC. But he should start the outward journey within 30 days of granting such advance; otherwise refund the advance in full. IF you travel by train you can take advance before 60 days. In any case you should submit the ticket within 10 days of the withdrawal of such advance. It is preferable to adjust the bill with advance within one month after the return journey, and if it is not adjusted within 3 months the claim may be forfeited or deemed to have been relinquished.

Controlling Officer for LTC

The controlling officer should keep a record of all assistance granted under LTC scheme and up-to-date the service books with the dates of starting the journey and also should keep a register with the hometowns of all employees under his control. Relaxation in minor cases such as no prior information of journey etc., can be made by the Head of the Department, if the case is genuine. The controlling office should Control over the advances made in this regard and the recovery of the same and issue necessary orders regarding this.

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