Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Think before substitute your job for stock trading

You may think that just resign from your job and start stock trading for a better tomorrow and also to escape from the monotonous daily work. It is really a good idea to catch the fish yourself. But before you quit your job just go through this article and decide.

You must be well versed in the stock market and the current scenario of stock trading and be thoroughly aware the terms such as stocks, options and currency market. Read a lot and study the market trend and make enough research about the financial market and equities. No doubt you can learn enough through online and understand that the online learning cannot substitute the real life experience.

You must be well aware of your financial needs and goals because if you resign from your job, you won’t get salary. So you have to make enough money to cover the salary. Only if you deposit a good amount in the market, you can make enough money to meet your daily expenses and also to satisfy your financial goals.

Develop  a trading strategy and try to get advice from a reliable stock broker. Learn about the taxation rules in your country regarding the long term and short term capital gains or loss which may be happened through your trading. Devote some valuable time for research and training.

Yes trading is easy and can make money at home through computer and internet. But the risk behind it is not that much easy. You are just leave up your bread earning work for the uncertain stock market. Consider it as a business and approach it with seriously. If you can give much commitment, go ahead, unless be satisfy with your current job and if you wish to make money from stock market without doing much difficulty, go for mutual funds and continue your present work. The fund managers will take over the study and research for you.

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