Sunday, 21 November 2010

JPMorgan India Capital Protection Oriented Fund

JPMorgan Asset Management India Private Limited (JPMAMIPL) launched a new fund named JPMorgan India Capital Protection Oriented Fund on November 12, 2010. It is a 39 month close-ended income scheme. You can subscribe the fund from 12 November 2010 to 26 November 2010 and the scheme has a rating of AAA (ind) (SO) from Fitch Ratings.
Asset Allocation

The Fund aims to generate returns and reduce interest rate volatility, through fixed income securities along with capital appreciation through equity exposure. The asset allocation of the scheme will be 80-100% in debt and money market instruments and 0-20% in equity and equity linked instruments.

Minimum required investment

The face value of one single unit of the fund is Rs. 10 at the NFO (New Fund Offer) period. The minimum application amount will be Rs 5000 and the multiples of Re. 1 thereafter. The scheme will not charge any entry and exit load. The scheme will be benchmarked against BSE 200 and CRISIL Short Term Bond Fund Indices. The fund seeks to collect a minimum subscription (minimum target) amount of Rs. 1 crore under the scheme during the NFO period.

Maturity period and redemption

JPMorgan India Capital Protection Oriented Fund will be matured after 39 months from the inception and the Maturity date of the fund is 16th March, 2014. Scheme shall be fully redeemed at the end of its tenure and the redemption cheque will be dispatched to the unit holders within 10 business days.

We hope that this new fund will do well and protect investors’ interest and the good and beneficial services of JPMorgan Asset Management India Private Limited will be available to investors ever.

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