Wednesday, 3 November 2010

SBI GETS - SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme

If you wish to invest in gold and at the same time you are not ready to bear the difficulties in purchasing and handling original gold, you have a good chance to invest in gold exchange traded funds. Recently one new Fund offer was there named Axis Mutual fund Exchange Traded Fund. You can invest in any gold exchange traded fund to gain from invest in real gold.

State Bank of India’s SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme (SBI GETS) is also a good example of Gold Exchange Traded Fund. Here a single unit of SBI GETS is equivalent to one gram of physical Gold.

Features of SBI GETS

One unit of SBI GETS is equal to one gram of gold

Minimum Initial investment is Rs. 5000 and in multiples of Re. 1 thereafter.

There is no maximum limit

The SBI GETS listed in National Stock Exchanges (Code. SBIGETS) and can be traded like any other securities.

Investment objective of SBI GETS:

The return is almost equal the price of gold and the investment allocation is 90% to 100% in gold and gold bullion and 0% to 10% in debt and money market instruments. So the risk factor is according to the risk involved in the investment of real gold.

Benefits of SBI GETS

SBI mutual fund claims that the following advantages for SBI GETS

  • It is efficient diversification for your investment portfolio

  • It is easy Liquidity through stock exchange (NSE)

  • It is easy to operate through demat account

  • No making charges and other expenses incurred in Jewellery and physical gold

  • Each unit is backed by physical Gold held in secured vaults

  • All gold bullion held in the scheme shall be of fineness of 995 parts per 1000

  • You can invest in as low as one unit of SBI GETS i.e. approximately equal to one gram of Gold.

You can buy and sell the units of SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme from National Stock Exchange just like other stocks and securities through a broker or through your online trading account. In this festival season investing in gold is a good fortune.

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  6. exactly tel me abt how o invest in gold etf n hw cn i apply for that....................

  7. The etfs are jsut like mutual funds and you can purchase it like other mutual funds. You can purchase through your online trading account (with stock broker) or also can be purchased through phone with the help of stock broker.

  8. Bhadresh Patel9 May 2011 at 00:36

    I wish to know how to invest in 1 gram gold and i wish to open demate for that please give me contact number for this.