Saturday, 11 December 2010

Diversify your investments in 2011

This is the time to plan your investments in the coming year 2011. You should plan in what investment options you would choose in 2011. As we know there are so many options. But an intelligent investor should take the option wisely according to his own financial goals and sources of income. Nobody can advise a readymade plan for you. Yes the investment plans should be tailor-made, because the needs and sources are differ from person to person. Even though there must be a combination of some real facts. Let us discuss about those combinations. In my opinion you must diversify your investment plans with a convenient and safe ratio according to your financial position and financial goals.


Investment in shares is the best option to make profit from the stock market. You can invest a certain percentage of your investments in this method of investment. But you must be aware that the stock market is volatile and your investments may be vanished in no time and also should be aware about the ups and downs of the market. But if you choose the shares of strong companies with good reputation and invest for a long term you can reap profit from the stock market. You must be an expert to make profit from day trading. So buy only good shares and keep for a long term and secure your investments. I mean the money you need in a short time must not be invested in stock market. And if you invest in stock market diversify the sectors such as Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Automobiles, Banking, and Pharmaceuticals etc. If one sector shows failure you can compensate with other sector.

Mutual funds

This is another option you can consider for investing in the year 2011. If you are looking for good and better options you must invest in mutual funds. Now you can invest in almost all investment methods through mutual funds. There are fixed income mutual funds and growth funds. You can choose pension plans, dividend schemes, growth funds, ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) etc. IF you are not much experienced in stock exchange you can go for mutual funds. The Equity growth funds are depositing money in Stock exchanges. Mutual funds are magical investment instruments where there is diversity in various stocks or any other investment instruments. Mutual funds are managed by expert fund managers and you can reduce the headache of market study and related matters.

Safe Deposits

In the year 2011 you can invest a portion of money in safe deposit schemes such as bank fixed deposits and government securities where there is a definite and regular income or growth on investment without any risk. In case of government securities you will lose money only if the government becomes insolvent and it never happens.

Retirement plans

If you are an employee you must think about your retirement where there won’t be salary. So you must think about the retirement and the life after retirement. If you have no any retirement plan start a good retirement plan in the year of 2011. You must start this as early as possible even if you just start your career right now only.

Invest in real estate and gold

This is a good time to invest in real estate and in case of real estate and gold the value is not going down. So invest in real estate such as land, house property, gold etc., as early as possible. You can go for a loan to purchase real estate and when compare the appreciation of the value; the interest of loan will not be a loss. If you plan to buy house property or any real estate only after making enough money the value of the property will be go up. So go for a loan and buy it soon.

You can invest in all of the above investment option in a healthy ratio. You must plan according to your needs and source of money. So make it a tailor made plan and make 2011 a good and profitable year. Wish you a prosperous new year.

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