Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jaypee Infratech Limited invites Company Fixed Deposits

Jaypee Infratech Limited (JIL) is an Indian Infratech Development Company is a part of Jaypee group companies engaged in 165 kilo meter Yamuna Express way connecting National Capital Region (NCR) to Agra, the Longest 6 line Access Controlled Expressway, Issues Company fixed deposits.

The fixed deposits in two type of interest option called Non Cumulative Deposits and Cumulative Deposits. In non cumulative option interest is compounded monthly and paid quarterly. In cumulative option the interest is compounded monthly on deposits of one year or more. Let us go through both options.

Non Cumulative Deposits

Under Non Cumulative Scheme a minimum deposits is Rs. 20000 and the interest rate is 10.50% per annum for one year deposits and 11% per annum for two year deposits and 11.50% per annum for three years deposits. The depositor will get a yield of 10.59%, 11.10% and 11.61% respectively for one year, two year and three year deposits. Post dated interest warrants for each financial year will be dispatched in advance along with the fixed deposit receipts.

Cumulative Deposits

Under this scheme a minimum deposit is Rs. 20000 and the payable amount of Rs. 21050 for 6 months, Rs. 22204 for One year, Rs. 24897 for two years and Rs. 28193 for 3 years with an annual yield of 10.50%, 11.02%, 12.24% and 13.66% respectively for the deposit of 6 months, One year, two year and three year respectively. Maximum amount can be deposited for 6 months is Rs. 10 Lacs.

Both the above cases the additional amount of Rs. 1000 and multiples thereof can be deposited after the minimum deposit of Rs. 20000. Interest payment and repayment can be done through electronic transfer also.

Company fixed deposits are good option for fixed income investment and a portion of your deposits can be company fixed deposits of reputed companies.

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