Monday, 20 December 2010

Save Money When You Go Out for Food

You know that how much money we spend when we go out to have food. Normally we make food at our home and it is good for health also. But seldom we go out for having food self or with our family. Here I am narrating some interesting and funny way of saving money when you go out for food. You may feel that it is funny, but if you practice this tips definitely you can save a lot of money.

Before going out for dinner, just ask your friends or relatives about the food and its cost so that you can control your expenses. IF you know early about the cost of each type of food you can decide that whether you have to go to a particular restaurant or foot stall and you can avoid an unexpected expenses. This is applicable for other purchases also. You can choose a good brand and good bargain if you discuss before you shop anything.

Go in happy hours which most of the restaurant offer maximum discount and you can save a good amount of money with those discounts.

Cash your cash vouchers for food which you get from magazines, newspaper or with any other advertisement or publicity.

Eat out for lunch instead of dinner. Most of the restaurants offer a good deal in lunch than dinner.

Eat with good company than eating out single. Group meal can save a lot than you eat yourself.

Weekdays are better than weekends for eating out. Because weekends may be more rush than weekdays and the price also may differ in weekends.

Read out all SMS messages regarding discounts in restaurants and food stalls so that you can use it when you eat out.

Neighborhood food stall is better than fancy restaurants. Fancy restaurants charge all expenses for such shows and fancy items in your food and the cost of food will be high. You can get reasonable food from neighborhood food stall.

Collect the usable leftovers. Keep a bag with you and put all good portion of food you could not finish and can use for the next food or for the next day’s food. IF you collect the extra food such as complimentary items it will be a good saving for you.

Give a good tip so that the employees will remember you and the chance of getting food items with reasonable price will be increased.

IF you keep in mind the above mentioned tips and practice it you can save a lot of money. This is not meant that you are miser, but you will be a good citizen who considers others while having food by saving money.

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