Sunday, 2 January 2011

Leave Travel Concession for Kerala State Government employees as per Ninth Pay Commission report

As per the recommendations of Pay Commission, The Kerala Government Employees will get LTC (Leave Travel Concession) for the first time for those who are going for vacation with or without family.

The commission also recommended the highest salary is Rs. 59840 and the lowest salary will be Rs. 8500 (Basic Salary). Around 4.5 lakh Government employees get benefit from this pay revision and approximately 10% to 15% hike in basic pay recommended. The basic pay will be calculated on the basis of the completed years of service. There are 28 different pay scales in the recommendation. Due to the pay commission report and the hike in salary and allowances the demand for job in Kerala will be increased. The revised pay may be come into force form 01st April, 2011.

The eye glass allowances also increased to Rs. 1000 and the alliance will be given to employees thrice in his/her service period. Earlier it was only once in an employee’s service period.

In future there will be more employees in Trivandrum Secretariat and it is expected that the work load may be reduced.

One of the important changes in this pay commission report is that the part time employees in Kerala also will be in pay scale. Earlier it was only a fixed amount, not in scale. Husbands who are Government employees will be getting 10 days leave for Pregnancy or delivery of Wife.

It is expected that the report of pay scales of University, college lecturers, school teachers etc., will be submitted soon.

The pay revision will be declared by the Government of Kerala before the announcement of the election dates by Kerala State Election Commission.

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  1. what is the TA out side state for inservice (police telecommunication)training duration ten weeks at Delhi. How to calculate TA,millage allowance( by train), plz attach copy of orders relevent...thanking you