Monday, 3 January 2011

New Expected Pay Scales as per Ninth Pay Revision Commission of Kerala

As per the recommendations of the Ninth Pay Revision Commission 2010 the salary of Kerala Government Employees expected to increase from 01st April, 2010. The benefit is available for around 4.5 lakh government employees including Teachers, University Staff, Cooperative Bank Staffs, Part Time govt. employees, Kerala Police , Kerala Fire Force , Health care .etc.

There were 24 salary scales and now the pay revision commission recommended 27 pay scales with the existing 24 scales and 3 new scales. Kindly see the table below for  existing scales and corresponding recommended scales.

How to fix the revised pay

The new basic pay will be fixed as per the following manner.

1. Basic Pay (pre revised scale) on 01.07.2009 or date Opted by the employee.

2. 64%of DA to be merged (Add 64% of the above basic pay)

3. Fitment Benefit (Rs. 1000 or 10% of pre revised basic whichever is higher)

4. Add all the above (steps 1+2+3)

5. Fix the stage in the revised scale

6. Add Service Weightage : 0.5% for every year of service(if you  have completed 8 years in service on 01.07.2009 or at the date of option, you have to add 4% (8×0.5) of revised basic pay (pay at step 5) as service weightage)

7. Add step 5 and 6

8. Fix the stage in the revised scale as your Basic Pay at 01,07,2009 or the option date. 

The New additonal three pay scales are as follows:-


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  1. Can you clarify the fixation portion regarding the service weightage ... Is it possible to get the service weightage at the rate of 0.5% of the revised pay for each completed year?

  2. Basic pay+64% DA+fitment weightage + service weightage
    then fix the stage in revised pay scale and this is the new basic pay at the option date.Is it correct?

  3. As per the Pay revision recommendation this is the new basic. This may be changed when the pay revision is declared.

  4. As per the pay revision recommendation it is possible, but limited to 25% of the pay (old pay+ 64%+fitment weightage)

  5. clarification on two issues is required
    1. Is there a maximum for fitment allowance
    2. Whether this fitment is to be applied in the revised scale of previous scale

  6. It is not clear now how to fix, weitage& fitment calculation please try to clear.

  7. I think, the example shown here is not correct. The proposal of Pay Commission for fixation of pay might be Basic Pay as on option date+10% fitment benefit+0.5%Service weightage and then fix the pay at the next higher stage in the revised scale.

  8. Then what is the benefit for the employer. Normally when the Pay revision is happend under pay commission the accumulated DA also will be considered and the DA will be added with Basic Pay.

  9. Please read the next post about pay revision

  10. h s a with 27years service basic pay rs 16270 reaches stagnation from this year .next five years with stagnation incriments. what a revison

  11. Yes, what you pointed out is correct. It was an omission from my part. Thanks for the correction

  12. Muralee,.............. Fitment is to be applied with the pre revised pay and there is one condition that fitment together with the service weightage should not exceed 25% as per the details available.

  13. In the fixation of pay revision 2010, Malayala Manorama dated 05/01/2011 says that the weightage of.5% may be added with the present basic pay. Which is correct?

  14. How do we decide the option date? Is it possible to fix option date as Sep 2011?

  15. Revised salaryis calculated as follows
    suppose as on 1st julyl2009

    Basic 15000
    DA 64% = 9600
    Fittment =1000 (maximum)
    service weightage= no of years service/30 x 15000x.15=2175

    total salary will be=27775 +HRA. He will be fixed in next scale of pay in the new scale

  16. Date of joining: 24 jan 2005
    Basic pay as on Jul 2009 : Rs. 12250
    Can i fix option date as 24 Jan 2011 so as to get the basic pay 24040?

  17. Calculate your pay as per your date of option you wish to do and on 01.07.2010 and decided which is more benefitial and opt the date.

  18. can u provide a fixation software after salary revision order?

  19. present scale= 13610- 20700
    bp in july 2000 = 20700 + 450[pp]=21150
    year of service; 23 years
    kindly calculate my new pay

  20. present scale= 13610- 20700
    bp in july 2009 = 20700 + 450[pp]=21150
    year of service; 23 years
    kindly calculate my new pay

  21. Thasnim Muhammed T.C6 January 2011 at 10:12

    I will illustrate with an example,
    Name of post : JCI , Date of Option : 1. 05. 2010, Existing Pay : 7990
    Existing Scale : 7990 - 12930 Revised scale : 14620 -23480 increment 360 upto 14980 then 400 +
    1.5.10 - pay = 7990
    add 64 % DA

  22. Thasnim Muhammed T.C6 January 2011 at 10:33

    I will illustrate with an example,
    Name of post : JCI , Date of Option : 1. 05. 2010, Existing Pay : 7990
    Existing Scale : 7990 – 12930 Revised scale : 14620 -23480 increment 360 upto 14980 then 400 +
    1.5.10 – pay = 7990
    add 64 % DA = 5114
    fitment 10% or minimum 1000 = 1000
    add service weightage (as on option date) = 7 years 3.5 % , 280/- (7990 X 0.035)
    total = 14384/-
    so revised pay as on 1.5.10 in New scale = 14620/-
    Total emoluments after fixation = 14620 + DA (14 + 8) + HRA 840 + CCA 250 + PTA 240 = 19166/-
    Total emoluments before fixation = 7990 + DA (78 %) + HRA 600 + CCA 65 + PTA 200 = 15087/-
    difference = 4079/-
    if the employees increment date is 5/2011 , then he will get an increment in the new scale in next May
    then = 14980 + DA 22 % + HRA 840 + CCA 250 + PTA 240 = 19606/-
    difference = 4519/-.
    Thasnim Muhammed T.C, Coir Inspector, Kozhikode North Circle, Kozhikode.


  24. Hello frnds
    Pre Revised Scale is 12250-19800
    My Basic pay is 19800
    DA @ 64% =12672
    fitment @10%= 1980
    Total == 34452
    Service weigtage 27 years.

    Kindly help me to fix a new scale

    Thank you

  25. no
    service weightatge is calculated on basic pay on d date of option ie on pre revised pay

  26. Your revised basic pay on option date is 37940
    If the basic pay you have given on option date
    for calculation kindly see the post

  27. I am an upper primary school assistant .My scale of pay is 6680 -160-7480-170-7990-200-9590-240-10790. I have only 4 years service. What will be my newbasic pay? How much I will get altogether?
    Date from which revised scale is opted;7-6-2006
    Pay fixed in the revised scale ;7160

  28. I am an hsst promoted from junior to senio r on september2009.My scale at that time was11070-18450and it will be increased to11350-18450 on09-2011.please suggest me which date will be beneficial for me to fix the pay

  29. Date of joining: 25 Aug 2004
    Basic pay as on Jul 2009 : Rs. 5120
    What is my new Bp

  30. hello, i have 11 years of service as on 01.04.2011. my basic pay is 7820. kindly help me to calculate and fix my salary as per the revised scheme.

  31. Is the pay revision beneficial?

  32. caretakers new scale is 10480 so how i can fix my pay

  33. Minimum benefits to the employees of all categories are to be mentioned. Technical sections of employees will require more consideration

  34. my new pre revised scale is scale of joining is pls fix my new salary

  35. entering date 1/2/1992 -basic pay on /7/2009 -10550 please calculate my pay

  36. my date of joining 1/2/1992 .pre primary headmaster from 1/6/2008 ,increment data first february basic pay on1/7/2009 is 10550 , 1/2/2010 is 10790 if opted 1/2/2010 which is better

  37. i am sub inspector of police my basic pay is:11070
    my ellishment on :22/07/1989
    what will be my new revised pay?

  38. i am sub inspector of police my basic pay is:11070what will be my new revised pay?
    my ellishment on :22/07/1982

  39. suhaila beevi m4 March 2011 at 07:48

    i am on a basic 18,000/- with pre revised scale 16650-19350.
    which option date is beneficial to me?
    and please fix my pay and beneficiaries.
    give details..

  40. I 'm a UPSA and DOJ is 01-08-2001. My current basic is 8990/- Please advice me how to fix the new basic pay. Thanks a lot in advance.

  41. my basic pay is 11350 on july of joining is03/06/1996 as hsa
    what is my pay scale

  42. The new pay has been fixed.What's the DA like?

  43. my basic pay now 5120

    date of entry 28-01-2006

  44. Hi,
    I joined an aided higher secondary school as junior HSSST on 1/10/2001 and got appoinment in govt service as senior HSST in 24/1/2005. I would like to know weather my service in the aided school will be counted for the service weightage .

  45. my basic 5790(5260-8390),LDC,JOINED ON SERVICE,30-03-2007 PLEASE CONVERT IN TO NEW BASIC AND SCALE

  46. Hi,
    My DOJ in 01.06.2009 with basic pay 5250 as UPSA PT Sanskrit. calculate my new basic and gross and advise me which date of option should be given.

  47. my basic is 13990 now.service 25 years working as H.S.A Help me to fix the salary

  48. kindly let me know the pay scale according to the new pay revision for high school assisstant joined in the year 2010 july 12th .my basic pay is 8390

  49. my service started from keala fire force as fireman on 11 11 1996 after 1 year training 11 11 1997 continous service started on 22nd september 2002 I newely enterd in to the state excise as excise guard in the identical time scale i got protection of my salary now i got 8 years grade and opted teh fixed my salary pay at 7650 on november 2010 my question is how to fix my salary as the scale changed into police headconstable scale pls send appropriate best selected opted scale in my case pls

  50. now the scale is in the scale of preventie officer scale the acale shifted into the police department how is to be opted and shifed my newely revised scale

  51. i joined as hsa in school on 01/06/2007 how can my pay fixed according to the new revision scale of 2010-2011

  52. basic pay 10550 on 7-2009 and joining date is 3-6-98-what will be my basic in the new pay rivision

  53. My joining date is 31 May 2001 as staff nurse.I took LWA from 2005 to 2010 march.Now my basic salary is 8590.Calculate my new basic and help me to fix the salary,

  54. sir,
    i am LPSA . My service entry at 5/11/1990. Basic pay on 1/07/2009 is 10310.Increment date is 01/11. How could i fix my pay in new scale?

  55. sir,
    I am a senior civil police officer(PC 3627). Date of birth : 10/07/1962 . Date of enlishment : 1/04/1986 .Date of increment : 01/11 . Basic pay on 1/07/2009 is 9830.
    I have not yet received the grade of 23rd year.How could I fix my pay?

  56. sir,
    i am Agricultural Assistant. My service entry at 23/12/2000. Basic pay on 1/07/2009 is 7790.Increment date is 12/11. How could i fix my pay in new scale?

  57. basic pay in 1-7-2009 is 9590. date of birth- 25.11.1957 date of commencement of service is 10.10.1985 . increment date after 1.7.2009 is 1.5.2010. existing scale is 8390-13270 . How could i fix my pay in new scale?

  58. forester joined on 7 6 2002 basic pay on 01 07 2009 rs 8390 fix on 01 07 2009

  59. basic pay=7820
    increment month-april
    conti.service from 21/6/2004
    wht will be the better option for me ?

  60. I have joined in service on 7-8-2009

    What about my pay fixation?
    Pls do suggestions

  61. I am a laboratory assistant working in Higher secondary Education

    Date of joining - 09.07.2007 , Basic – Rs. 4750 ( 4750 - 7820 )
    First increment - w e f 01.07.2008 – Basic - 4870.
    No further increment due to non declaration of probation
    Changed to new scale on 10.07.2009 claiming notional increment
    ( Basic -4990 ). Arrear also drawn.
    New basic in the new scale – Rs.9440 ( 8960 – 14260 )
    Now probation declared w e f 18.06.2010.
    Laboratory attendars test ( must to declare probation ) conducted by P S C after my posting on 17.06.2010.

    Kindly advice me on the following doubts

    1.Is my fixation on 10.07.2009 claiming notional increment and claiming of
    arrear not correct ?.
    2.Can I claim my third increment 9690 ( 9440 + 250 ) w e f 01.07.2010
    3.Can I claim my fourth increment 9940 ( 9690 + 250 ) w e f 01.07.2011

    Abdul Basheer