Friday, 28 January 2011

Online Banking is a convenient method of banking

In this fast developing world everybody wants things to be happened in no time. Internet and modern communication methods and devices allowed you to get all information handy and reduce the distance from one place to another. Earlier there were joint families and now the family is not living jointly together and scattered around the world. Yes we are ready to accept the universal family with the communication methods which allow them to be together easily and conveniently. At this scenario the traditional banking method also going to history. Online banking facilities are everywhere.  You can handle all your financial transactions through a few mouse clicks.

Now almost all banks allow online transactions and provide online services for the convenience of their customers. Let us go through some important advantages of online banking.

One of the important and popular advantages of online banking is that you can know your banking transactions easily and at any time from your home or office with the help of a computer and internet. Earlier you had to stand the long queue to update your passbook or should wait for the mercy of banking clerk to know whether your cheques are cleared or not or the status of any other transactions. Now these transactions are handy.

You can pay your utility bills and credit card bills easily with online banking service and can avoid the fear of dishonor your cheques which you deposited after standing a long queue. If one of your cheques dishonored, you may have loss of money and some other type of losses including loss of faith, bad credit report etc.

You can get your bank statement online whenever you need and can cheque all your transactions. You can provide the hard copy of your bank statement to any agencies etc., without visiting your bank.

You can Transfer money from one bank account to another easily through online. Transfer money from one of your bank accounts to another and also can transfer to anybody else’s bank account to any location is easy through online banking. Earlier this was a very time consuming effort and now it is very easy in no time. Most of the banks are not charging money for this online transfer.

There are so many other advantages also for online banking. But you must be vary careful, while doing these online banking transactions. Obey all the directions and security measures of your bank for the safety of your money and bank account. Change password frequently and should not reveal the pass word and user id to anybody else, do not try to sign in your online bank account from any public places or from any public computers etc., are some of the important security measures. Even if  there are certain disadvantages, the online banking is very much convenient in this modern busy world.

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