Sunday, 27 February 2011

DSP BlackRock FMP - 13M - Series 4

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund issues a new fund named DSP BlackRock FMP - 13M - Series 4. This Fixed Maturity Plan is a close ended fund with a lock in period of 13 months and the issue price of one unit is Rs. 10 and a minimum required investment of Rs. 5000 and the multiples of Rs. 10 thereafter. The primary investment objective of the Schemes is to seek capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of debt and money market securities. The Scheme will invest only in such securities which mature on or before the date of maturity of the Schemes. The Schemes may also use fixed income derivatives for hedging and portfolio balancing.

The DSP BlackRock FMP - 13M - Series 4 is an income fund which is already opened in the market on 23rd February, 2011 and the issue will be closed on 03rd March 2011.

The investment strategy of the New Fund is The Investment Manager will invest  only  in  those debt securities that are  rated investment  grade  by  a  domestic  credit  rating  agency  authorized  to  carry  out such  activity,  such  as  CRISIL,  ICRA,  CARE  etc.  Or in unrated debt securities, which  the  Investment  Manager  believes  to  be  of  equivalent  quality.  Where investment in unrated debt securities is sought to be made, specific approval of the  Board  of  Directors  of  the  AMC  and  Trustee  shall  be  obtained  prior  to  the investment.  In-house research by the Investment Manager will emphasize on credit analysis, in order to determine credit risk.

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