Tuesday, 22 March 2011

6% D.A from January 2011 for Central Government Employees

The Union Cabinet decided to give an additional Dearness Allowance (D.A) of 6% to Central Government Employees and Pensioners. The existing D.A was 45% and the New D.A will be 51 %. The decision has been taken today, 22nd March, 2011. The new D.A will give to all employees with effect from 01st January, 2011.

No doubt this additional D.A will give much relief to all from high inflation. The benefit of this declaration will get around 50 lakh Government employees and around 38 lakh pensioners. The increased liability of this additional D.A will be around 6000 crore

As we posted earlier the present D.A hike increases some daily allowances such as Children Education Allowance, Child Care Allowance, Washing Allowance, Cycle Allowance, Cash Handling Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Split Duty Allowance and some advances such as Festival allowances and Flood Advance etc. to 25% more

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Allowances Admissible to Central Government Employees.


  1. [...] 50% or more. From this January, 2011 the Dearness allowance has been increased by 6% and the total D.A reached 51%. This increase of D.A brings up some allowances which has a daily allowance nature. Those [...]

  2. 2011-12 dearness allowance details iam working agarbathi company
    accountant our da details as mentioned 1967-00 last year earning
    current year da details we want that.

    awaiting for your reply.

    best rgds,

  3. The DA 51% at present is for central government employees. I am not sure that you are a central government employee or not. Just check that the Central government employees Pay and allowances are applicable for you.

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