Friday, 25 March 2011

File Your Income Tax Return Online, Free of Cost

Are you aware that you can file your income tax return online and free of cost? This is not only for salary class tax payers; it is open for all kind of tax payers.  All Tax payers can submit their return online without any cost. The website of income tax India explains how you can file your online return. But the only thing is that you have to collect all your details and records including Form16, pass book etc., handy while you sitting for online submission of your return.

First you have to register with the website which you like to submit the return. There are a few website which provides the facility to submit online tax return. Almost all such website allows you to file your return in a user friendly step by step manner. So it will be very easy to file the return through them. There is an excel utility with the website of income tax department. But it is not that much easy. So use other websites which allow you to submit online income tax return.

You have to input the Name, Address, PAN Number, Total Salary, Deductions etc., and the website itself generate an XML file with the given data.

Now you have to register with the income tax website with you PAN number and upload the XML file which is generated in the above mentioned step.

When your upload is satisfactorily completed, you can take the print out of an acknowledgement in Form V. You should sign the acknowledgement and mail to the Income Tax Department –CPC, Post Box No -1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka, within 120 days. You can avoid this step if you upload the XML file with electronic signature. The option is there in the website.

If you failed to send the ITR_V receipts (If you submit without digital signature) within 120 days, you electronic filing will be cancelled and you have to upload the return again with digital signature or sent the new ITR-V to the ITO within 120 days of such submission.

In the final step you will get an acknowledgement in the receipt of ITR-V as a confirmation of your income tax return.

If you want to get any electronic refund you should fill the required information and the refund will be credited in your bank account after the approval of refund.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the website you are entering your financial information is secure and trustworthy.

Income Tax India's E Filing Portal

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  3. kindly guide me as under:

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