Saturday, 12 March 2011

For the awareness of Mutual Fund Investors - SEBI

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) informs all mutual fund investors through an advertisement in newspapers today. SEBI says that all investors of mutual fund investors must be aware about the following things. We hope that almost all mutual fund investors are aware and availing these facilities. If anybody is not aware about these facilities, just go through this post.

The investors can get free Common Account Statement (CAS) for all mutual fund holdings. For this purpose you can contact the Mutual Funds or their Registrar and transfer Agent.

To change the existing distributor you should not get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the existing distributor.

You can hold mutual funds in Demat form. If you are not availing this facility, just contact your depository Participant for dematerialises your mutual fund holdings.

You can purchase or redeem mutual fund units through stock brokers.

If there is any complaint or doubt, you can directly approach the Mutual Fund or without the help of any third party or distributor.

For any grievances, please contact the following address:

For More information please visit the official website of SEBI. or

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  1. I have Mutual Funds bought through different Distributors , recently I have got ICICI direct account but they still insist on getting the NOC signed from previous distributor for carrying out the transfer into ICICI Direct Account.

    Can some one guide me as to how I can get the MF units transfered to my ICICI direct account.

    pls help.