Friday, 18 March 2011

Karnataka Pay Commission Report is Expected on June

It is expected that the Pay Commission report for Karnataka State Government Employees may be on June 2011. The “Hindu” daily reported the news on 16th March, 2011. According to Mr. K.J. Jagadish, president of the district unit of the Karnataka State Government Employees' Association, the Government had agreed to constitute the Sixth Pay Commission which would recommend ways to remove the anomalies between the pay scales of State and Union Government employees, subsequent to the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission by the Centre. And he continued that the commission might submit its recommendations before June.

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  1. Its really amazing to see Kerala State Govt. decides to implement its 9th pay commission. Being a small state and reasonably better living cost than Karnataka, It has dared to implement 9th pay. The last time the pay revision was made in 2009. Compared to Karnataka's present scale, the 9th pay scale by Kerala makes a difference in salary by about 75%.

  2. Its high time karnataka Govt should implement 6th pay commision. As inflation of essential comodities are sky rocketed.
    more over there should be no discrimination betn union and stateGovt employees.