Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Download Option Form for Ninth Kerala Pay Revision

Each and every time when a pay revision is happened, a government employee should submit the option of their pay, mainly from which date they wish to choose the revised pay or they wish to continue in the pre revised pay etc. For submitting option the employee must be aware of the details of their pay, increment etc. and also should understand which option is better for him/her.

IF the government employee is not sure about their pay and the effect of the option he/she must ask any expert or any colleagues those who know well about the details of pay and allowances. Please keep in mind that this option may affect all the future pay and salary and even the pension also. So do it carefully.

When you have an option to select anything, you should think twice. So think and study well about the reactions of your option and submit the form accordingly.

Download Kerala Pay Revision Option Form

Download the details of Kerala Pay revision to learn more about the pay revision

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