Thursday, 14 April 2011

Invest in Construction Linked House Property for a better return

What do you mean by an investment? An investment is meant for growing your money with the financial instrument or property we invested in or getting a regular income from the investment or both. Everybody can start investing according to their income and other circumstances. Normally people wish to invest in easy financial instruments such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, government securities, tax saving instruments etc. It is according to the risk appetite and financial goal of the investor. You can make more form investment, if you invest wisely and also with a little more effort.

Invest in real estate is a good method of investment and never become a failure, if you make a little bit care. Always buy property with good title and if you are not sure about the title of the property, seek a professional advice and do not consider the fee you give to the professional advocate is a loss. Unless buy property with a bank loan and the bank people will check the accuracy of the title and other documents to ensure that their money will get back.

If you wish to make a good profit from house property by resale the property, invest in construction linked property. For construction linked property you have to pay comparatively less value than a completed house or flat and you will get a chance to pay lot by lot instead of paying a lump sum amount at once. You can pay from your own money or form any bank loan. When the property is completed you will get almost double the cost, if it is situated in a suitable place. You can resale it at any time before or after the completion of the property with a premium. No doubt you will get a good profit.

You must take care that the builders are reputed and the property you are dealing is in a suitable place and have a good reputation. It is better to buy medium budget property than a big budget property. In case of medium budget property the resale is easy. Ensure the quality of construction and take all precautions just like you buy a residential property for yourself, because it is your money and it should not be a loss.

So take a good effort and invest properly and earn a great reward with your own money.

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