Thursday, 12 May 2011

How to reduce your health Insurance Premium

A recent survey in United States reveals that around 45 million Americans are living without proper health insurance. This is because the high cost of health plan and health insurance quotes and it is increasing day by day. The employers are also tried to avoid providing health insurance to employees. This will give a high burden to employees to afford their health insurance premium themselves. But if you  act with care you can bring down the cost of health insurance to an affordable one. The cost of International Insurance & Medical Travel Insurance also can be bring down if you follow this methods. (The employees form other countries also can apply this)

Make an enquiery about the price and coverage of policies and get all possible health insurance quotes. The market of health insurance is very competitive field and there are many insurance firms provide almost same coverage with different premium.  Just ask the cost and coverage provided by each firms and fix a lover premium and high coverage.

If your employer is not providing health insurance coverage you can buy health insurance coverage by group insurance with any group you related with. For example you can join with health insurance as small groups such as resident welfare association, professional group or any other group which you are attached with and can enjoy health insurance coverage with low premium and maximum coverage by purchasing group policies than Individual Insurance policies

Experience healthy habits. You can experience some healthy habits which will give you a good health. Some unhealthy habits like smoking etc. may affect your health adversely. You have to pay high health Insurance Cost (premium) for your smoking habit and overweight. Try to live healthy to make health insurance affordable.

Avoid extra coverage to reduce your premium. You can avoid some coverage like mental health coverage and similar converges which may not be normally applied to you and can reduce your premium up to a certain extent without giving you much risk.

If you go deeply to the offer letter of your health insurance firm you can find other tips also to reduce your health insurance cost. So try the above mentioned tips and other available tips to reduce the health insurance cost to minimum amount and maximize your health insurance coverage.

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