Sunday, 1 May 2011

Latest Orders Regarding Ninth Kerala Pay Revision

There are a few orders has been published regarding the Ninth Pay Revision of Kerala Government Employees. The important order among them is the instructions guidelines issued by The Accountant General to all Department Heads and Offices regarding the fixation of pay. After releasing the Pay Revision Report and further orders most of the employees were confused about the fixation and new pay. We hope that this order may solve all these confusions.

The order includes the pay & other allowances which is helpful to fix the pay and gross salary. Click here to view the order

Statement of Fixation of Pay
The format of the Statement of fixation of pay for each employees also has been released. download the Statement of Fixation

Anomaly rectification

Another order regarding Ninth Kerala Pay Revision is Anomaly rectification- Reckoning of prior service for weightage-modified orders issued. Click here to view the order

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