Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Quantum Gold Savings Fund (QGSF)

Gold is a precious metal and an investment in gold never devalue your investment and now all investment experts say that you must include a certain percentage of pure gold in your investment port folio to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Because its features like negative correlation with other asset classes, Effective portfolio diversification, less volatile, Safe-haven asset against recession & depression etc., protects your investment portfolio from utter failure.

But as a common man how can you invest in gold and how can you examine the purity of gold which you purchase and where you can keep it safe?  Purchase of liquid gold and handling it is not safe. The most convenient way to invest in gold is – Gold Exchange Traded Funds. But in most cases you need a Demat account to trade with gold exchange traded funds. Quantum Gold Savings Fund (QGSF) and some other gold exchange traded funds allow you to buy and sell gold funds just like other mutual funds without the help of a Demat account.

Quantum Gold Savings Fund (QGSF) is an open ended fund of funds scheme which allows you to invest in Quantum Gold Fund (ETF) provides you capital appreciation over long term and helps you to get return just like the return from physical gold.

Main features of Quantum Gold Savings Fund

Demat account is not necessary. You can invest in Quantum Gold Saving Fund regularly in Systematic Investment Plan without the help of a demat account and can save the expenses of keeping a demat account like annual maintenance charge, brokerage and transaction charges.

Invest through Convenient SIPs. You can start investing in Quantum Gold Savings Fund (QGSF) in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with minimum Rs. 500 per month and can enjoy the disciplined method of generate wealth over a long term.

Add on features like STP, SWP and Trigger facility. Through Quantum Gold Savings Fund you can enjoy Systematic Transfer Plan, Systematic Withdrawal Plan, Trigger facility etc, which helps you to get complete control while investing in Gold.

High Liquidity. As an open ended scheme you can buy or sell the units at any working day and can make your units in to liquid money so easy.

Options in investing. You can choose options like physical mode or through online which ever is easy for you.

How can you invest in Quantum Gold Savings Fund (QGSF)

You can invest by contact the mutual fund directly on 1-800-22-3863 or (022) 2282-9414 / (022) 6144-7800, or write to CustomerCare@QuantumAMC.com

If you are an existing Quantum Mutual Fund investor Use your Quantum Mutual Fund username and password to purchase Quantum Gold Savings Fund units online through www.QuantumMF.com. (Before investing in the Mutual Fund ensure that you have already completed your KYC compliant)

Through Stock brokers, You can purchase units of the Quantum Gold Savings Fund by placing an order for purchase with the members (Stock Broker) / clearing members of stock exchanges.

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