Wednesday, 1 June 2011

ATM Machines in Post offices also

Post offices in India give more and more facilities to general public including Banking, investing in addition to the advanced communication facilities. Years before post offices started to sell pure gold coins and it is a chance to get pure reliable gold form a few selected post offices. Now post offices in Chennai wish to install Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for the people and its customers. Initially The GPO in Chennai and other 8 head post offices in the city are planning to set up ATM machines for its saving bank customers.

The 8 head post offices are Anna Road, T.Nagar, Mylapore, St.Thomas Mount, Park Town, Ambattur, Avadi Camp and Tambaram. They wish to complete the installation in two months and the customers can start using ATMs in the current financial year itself.

Around 10 lakh account holders in the nine post offices will get the benefit of this good movement of post offices in Chennai. This will also reduce the operational cost of post offices up to a certain limit. Afterwards this facility will be extended to other cities also.

This will be an added advantage for the customers of Post office saving account and we welcome this movement whole heartedly and also hope that this facility will soon spread to other states.

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