Sunday, 12 June 2011

Investment News Letter 12th June, 2011

This is the 4th Edition of Weekly Investment Newsletter. Through this newsletter our readers and subscribers can get useful investment information at a glance. We wish our readers a prosperous and financially sound week ahead.

Online Banking security guidelines
Internet Banking is convenient and times saving. You should not go to bank for each and every transaction. You can pay all your utility bills, credit card payment, online purchases etc., through online banking with the convenience and privacy of … Continue reading ?

DWS Fixed Term Fund – Series 84
DWS Fixed Term Fund – Series 84 is the New Mutual Fund Offer just launch in the market. The following Table shows the Name of the Fund House, Scheme of the Fund (whether it is a Close Ended Fund or … Continue reading?

No Income Tax Return for Salaried People – More clarifications
You must have read that the salaried people should not file income tax return from the financial year 2010-11 (Assessment Year 2011-10) onwards only if their total income is below 5 Lakh. The information is correct and the Union finance … Continue reading ?

No Pay Commission Arrear for Govt. employees ?
The windfall government employees receive by way of pay commission award arrears may no longer be forthcoming. The government is examining a proposal to implement pay commission awards prospectively on the lines of finance commission awards, as large arrears throw …Continue reading ?

Panel suggests 4 per cent interest on Post Office savings deposits
A government committee has suggested raising interest rates on Post Office savings bank deposits to 4 per cent, a suggestion that could benefit lakhs of small depositors. The Committee on Small Savings also recommended linking returns on other small savings … Continue reading ?

Investment plan for lazy investors and those who have not time to invest
Human beings are social beings and we can see different type of people in the society. Somebody is active for all work and somebody is not that much active. Some of them are active only for some particular works and …Continue reading ?

How to avoid Tax Deducted at Soruce (TDS) from Interest
All financial institutions and banks are liable to deduct tax (TDS – Tax Deducted at Source) from interest due or paid to any customer, if the total interest paid from the particular branch to a particular customer is more than … Continue reading ?

4June, 2011-10June, 2011 Employment News Job Highlights
This week’s Employment News (Employment News 4th June, 2011 to 10th June, 2011) published a lot of job vacancies.  We just post the important Job highlights of the present issue of employment news for the convenience of our readers with … Continue reading ?



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