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How to file income tax return online - Guide

Income tax department of India made available free and easy e-filing of your income tax return. You can register and login to the website with your PAN Number and Pan Card details. You can see all your TDS details from form 26AS and other relevant financial transactions, and prominent credit card payment details (which should be reported with Income tax return) etc. It is not compulsory that you e-file your income tax return when you register with the website. You can get your TDS details and other relevant details for the past few years, current year and coming years when it is happened. In this post, we explain the steps to e-file your income tax return through the Income Tax India’s e-filing website. Please go through the entire post to know the complete  steps.

How to Register with Incometax India  Filing Website?
Register with with your PAN Card No. and other details. The details should be same as your Pan Card. The New User- Register button is on the right hand sidebar of the website. Give your Pan Card Number and follow the instructions. Within two three minutes, you can register your name and the confirmation link will send to your email ID provided while the registration process.

Login to the website with your Pan No and Password, you can view your Tax Credit details from Form 26AS under My Account Tab.

Down load the appropriate Income Tax Return Form from Download menu by clicking on the Assessment Year. Select the assessment year and see the appropriate form as per your status.

See relevant income tax return forms for various type taxpayer.

All the above forms are available in Excel format or PDF format. In my opinion, PDF format is more convenient. When you use excel format, allow macros while opening the excel file.

From Assessment year 2012-13 (Financial Year 2011-12) you will get only IT return forms from the efiling website in excel format. Download the excel format.

Fill the details in the format. If you have form 16, you can fill the details from form 16, otherwise fill your financial details required in the format.

After filled up the form, verify each sheet and validate, Then calcuate the Income Tax. Tax will be calculated automatically and it will tell that if there is any tax is payable or refundable. If tax to be payable pay it through online of offline by filling challan 280 and include the payment detail. Now generate XML file and save it in your computer. There is an Xml file button is on the top right side of the excel format.  You can complete these steps as per your convenience. The downloaded file is there in your computer. Take your own time to fill up the format. After each section, you save the file.

When you are ready to upload the file to the website, log in to the website and select assessment year just below the SUBMIT RETURN TAB on the left side bar of the site. After selecting the assessment year, choose form Name (ITR-1, ITR-2 etc.) and choose whether you digitally sign or not. Most people are not uploaded a digital signature, so select "NO" and click next to choose the file from your computer (the XML file you have already saved in your computer) and upload the same.

After completing the process, an acknowledgement in form ITR-V will send to your email ID. Download the attached file form your email by providing password (the password instructions will be there in the email). The acknowledgement from is the summary of your income tax return. Verify once again, and take a printout. It includes barcode also. So sign the form ITR-V and send the original (not a photocopy – the barcode cannot be digitally read from photocopy) to “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore - 560100, Karnataka” by ordinary post or speed post. (Not by courier)

ITR-V Instructions of Printing & Mailing

While printing the ITR-V, use LaserJet printer or Ink jet printer and the print should be clear and readable both manually and electronically.

After a few weeks, you can receive the Receipt of ITR-V by email, and you can check the status of your return by login to the website. Remember that if you are not digitally signed the return form you must send the ITR-V to the address above within 120 days of the e-filing of return. Unless your e-filing return will not be accepted and you should submit a fresh return by following all the above mentioned procedures.

Submitting e-filing of income tax return is quite easy and user friendly. You can avoid consultation fee and long queue for submitting manual return. All your income tax details will be there in the website for further verification at any time.

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  1. IncomeTax Consultants India20 July 2011 at 03:30

    Thank You, This is very Helpful Blog.

  2. thankyou for the clear instructions, this is really helpful!

  3. not able to upload the saved xml file every time shows error. this software may has some problem.

  4. The error message also shows the reason of error and try to solve the error in PDF/Excel file and convert again before upload it again.

  5. I did all this as above. The process went through (not digitally signing) and there was a message that the upload completed successfully and I was able to download and printout the ITR V form.
    However, ITR-V had NOT been emailed to my email address mentioned in the return (I cross verified it and the email address is OK). Whys is this?

    I can return back to the site, choose my returns, select the AY and the ITR-V can be accessed and downloaded from here. However, it did NOT get emailed to my email account. Is this a problem? Can I assume that the submission has gone through properly.


  6. If you could download the ITR-V and the ITR-V shows the correct statement. dont worry just sent the ITR-V to Bangalore.

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