Sunday, 31 July 2011

Investment News Letter 31st July, 2011

The 12 edition of Investment News Letter coming to you with the first article about All India Consumer Price Index  Number for Industrial Workers for the month of June, 2o11. The AICPIN plays an important role while fixing the percentage of Dearness Allowance for Government Employees.  This month (July) All Government Employees are getting annual increment and now the next expected increase of salary is due to the declaration of Dearness Allowance.

All financial and employment websites are coming out with expected D.A and the opinion of a majority of such websites are the expected Dearness Allowance from July, 2011 is 7%.  One of the recent survey shows that around 33% of income of salaried employees are investing somewhere else and there is an upward tendency in investment trend.  In such scenario we, investment & Money Mattes think that the AICPIN and the coming DA has some important influence in the world of investment.
AICPIN for the Month of June 2011 is 189 
All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (AICPIN-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of June, 2011 is 189 points (2 point increase) Continue reading ?

ITR-V Instructions of Printing & Mailing 
Dos and Don'ts of Printing and sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore after e-filing Income Tax Return. IF you could not follow these your e-filing will be rejected.Continue reading ?

Axis Hybrid Fund – Series 1 Launched 
Axis Mutual Fund issues a New Fund Offer named Axis Hybrid Fund - Series 1, a close ended income scheme for 3 years which opens on 28th July, 2011 Continue reading ?

L&T Finance IPO from L&T Finance Holdings 
L&T Finance Holdings Limited a subsidiary of Larson & Toubro issues Initial Public Offering of equity shares with a face value of Rs. 10Continue reading ?

Advantages of e-filing Income Tax Return 
There is a lot of advantages while you e-file your income tax return. Most taxpayers selected e-filing of their income tax return this time.Continue reading ?

Show all source of Income in IT Return 
When you file income tax return do not forget to include all income from other sources such as Gift, interest, income from property etc. to avoid penalty. Continue reading ?

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