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ITR-V Instructions of Printing & Mailing

Dos and Don'ts of Printing and sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore after e-filing Income Tax Return. IF you could not follow these instructions, your e-filing will be rejected. The Last date of filing Income Tax Return is tomorrow. But you can file ITR online till 31.03.2012, even if there are a few disadvantages. While filing ITR online, you have to send ITR-V to CPC Bangalore. The following directions should follow while printing and sending ITR-V after e-filing.

Printing ITR-V

For Printing ITR-V Form, use only Laser Printer or Ink Jet Printer. Do not use Dot Martrix Printer for printing ITR-V and the print must be in Black and white. Avoid using colour print. The Printout must be clear and you should ensure that the there is no faded print or light print.


The ITR-V which is sent to CPC Bangaluru should be signed in Blue ink only and the document should be original, no photo copy is accepted and the signature must be done on the space provided for the same.

Bar Code

The Bar Code and the Numbers below the bar code should visible clearly. The bar code should not be tampered with anything including writings or signature.

Paper  for printing ITR-V

A4 size white paper should be used for printing ITR-V and Print only on the face of the paper,  the back side should not print anything. Keep it blank. Avoid any other type of papers.  Staplers or pins must not be used in the paper. Any watermark is not allowed except the water mark "Income tax Department" printed automatically on each page of ITR-V.

When posting

You can enclose more than one ITR-V in the same envelope. Any other documents or papers including pre stamped envelopes must not be enclosed with the ITR-V. The Postal address to send ITR-V is Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100 and should be send by ordinary post or speed post only. Do not send by Registered post or courier.

The ITR-V violating any of the abovementioned instructions may reject or the acknowledgement or receipts may be delayed. So keep all the above instructions while e-filing your income tax returns.

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