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LIC's Jeevan Arogya policy at a glance

LIC's Jeevan Argogya Insurance Policy is a special type of health insurance policy pays irrespective of your actual medical bill. If you got sick and treated with hospitalisation,  you will get money. Following are the main features of LIC's Jeevan Arogya Policy.

A single policy covers extended family including self, Spouse, kids and parents or parents in laws. With the help of Lic’s Jeevan Arogya policy you can cover the health protection of all members in your family with one single policy.

Hospital Cash benefit for all hospitalizations exceeding 24 hours. You can get a fixed amount of Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000, Rs. 3000 or Rs. 4000 per day, as per your option at the time of joining the policy, for each day of hospitalization. Your premium will be fixed accordingly.

Major Surgical Benefit for 140 listed surgeries at the rate of 100 times of Hospital Cash Benefit including 5% yearly increase. The maximum MSB is restricted to 800% of HSB for a lifetime of each insured. For Example if the Daily hospital cash benefit is Rs. 2000 the MSB will be 2000×100=2,00,000 every year for any major surgery taken place up to Rs. 16,00,000 in a lifetime.

Day care Procedure Benefit for all curative surgical procedures. The Day care procedure Benefit is 5 times of DCB for every listed surgery which requires hospitalization is not more than one day and can avail a maximum of 3 such surgical procedures every year subjected to 24 such surgeries in a lifetime for each person insured.

50% Advance MSB available under Quick Cash Facility (Emergency Cash) which will be credited to bank account for the treatment from listed network hospitals.

Optional Term/Accident Insurance riders available for principal Insured and Spouse. This benefit is optional and should be chosen, when you join the policy and should pay additional premium.

Full entitlement paid irrespective of actual expenses. This is one of the major advantages of Lic’s Jeevan Arogya policy that you can claim all the benefits irrespective of your actual expenses. You can go for low budget hospital and can get the full benefit offered by the scheme.

Claim payable in addition to any other health insurance cover (Only photocopy of bills required.). Even if you have any other medical insurance policy, you can avail these benefits, because Lic’s Jeevan Arogya pays irrespective of your medical bill. The copy of medical bill you have to submit as the proof of your treatment only.

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