Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Online Insurance Plan is Convenient & Cheap

Online Insurance Plan is most relevant and convenient these days. People wish to go online for all their purchasing needs. The main advantage is, online purchase can do simply with your computer and internet with a few mouse clicks and the customer should not go out of his house to make all these purchases. The insurance companies also came with online insurance policies to take up the situation. In this scenario let us determine the benefits of purchasing an online insurance policy.

Online insurance policy is cheaper than offline insurance policy. For offline insurance policy the insurance company should give commission to the agent who brings the customer. In online policy such commission is not needed.

With the help of internet you can compare various product of same insurance company or same type of products of various insurance companies easily. You can compare the benefits, premium, terms etc.

You should be vigilant while filling an online insurance policy format. You should be aware that no agents are there to explain you the features and advantages of your policy. You must read carefully the details, terms and conditions of the policy you wish to join.

You must fill all true facts including your health, family history, habits such as smoking habits, work details etc.,  Unless the chances of rejecting a claim is more than accepting it.

When you buy an online insurance plan, try to join with more trusted insurance company. You can analyze this from your friends, relatives or online forums etc. The chances of rejecting a claim also should be considered. Some insurance companies have high track record of settling a claim and some others have a high track record of rejecting a claim. So check such possibilities.

When you compare an insurance product of various companies there may be high difference in premium, but verify all other factors and benefits they are providing. By providing an attracting insurance policy with a lowest premium and when the claim comes they may reject the claim with some false reasons. Do not be cheated with such false information and false products.

When you buy an online insurance policy buy only form recognized insurance company approved by IRDA or such regulating authorities.

Online insurance policy is convenient and beneficial, but only when you handle it with much care.

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