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AICPIN for the month of August 2011

AICPIN (All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers) for Industrial Workers on the Base 2001=100 for the month of August 2011 is 194 and it is only 1 point increase from the AICPIN of July 2011. The AICPIN for August, 2011 is published today by the Ministry of Labour & Employment. The AICPIN for the month of July 2011 was 193 points and June 2011 it was 189 & May 2011 was 187 points and now there is only an average rise of 1 point increase from the last month, July 2011.

 The Consumer price index is calculated on the basis of the difference in the price of necessary commodities like Rice, Wheat Atta, Fresh Milk, Onion, Vegetable & Fruit items, Tea, Kerosene Oil, Electricity Charges, and Medicine etc.  The maximum increase of 9 points recorded in Amritsar center and the maximum decrease of 3 points recorded in Giridih, Quilon and Kodarma centers

The indices in respect of the six major centers are as follows: in the order of July 2011 and June 2011.

Center                            Aug 2011          July 2011

Ahmadabad                –       191             –       188

2. Bangalore                 -        194             -        194

3. Chennai                    -        172             -        168

4. Delhi                         -        178             -        178

5. Kolkata                     -        192             -        186

6. Mumbai                    -        195             -        194

Bangalore and Delhi shows that there is no any change in Consumer price Index and other four centers shows an increase in consumer price index.

The All-India (General) point to point rate of inflation for the month of August, 2011 is 8.99%. In July, 2011 as compared to  8.43%  and 8.62% in June, 2011.The CPI-IW for September, 2011 will be released on the last working day of October, 2011.

When calculate the Dearness Allowance  for Government Employees, the average difference of All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (AICPIN-IW) will consider, which assumes  that the cost of living is increased up to a certain level. The recently declared D.A is 58% (7% Increase) w.e.f July 2011 on the basis of average AICPIN from January 2011 to June 2011.

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  1. Expected da for bank employee from november 2011 will be around 5.4 i.e 36 slabs