Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wish you a Happy Deepavali – Make it happy

Deepawali or Diwali is a festival of light which leads us to light from darkness. It is a loving memory of mankind travels from the darkness to light. We www.investmentsandmoney.com wish all our readers a happy and prosperous deepavali.

How can we make deepavali a happy event? There are so many ways to make deepvali a happy one.

1.Distribute sweets to all

Deepvali is a festival of sweets also. There is a tradition in India that distributes sweets among relatives and friends during deepavali. The distribution of sweets strengthens the love and friendship.

2.Lighting lamps

Deepavali is a festival of lights. The word deepavali means group of lights (deepam). People lights lamps, diyas and candles during deepavali. The cluster of lighted lamps fills our minds with joy and happiness.

3. Have good food

During deepavali people like to have special tasty foods. Tasty special foods also fill our hearts joy and happy. People used to distribute such special foods also on the occasion of deepavali.

4. Invest in Gold.

People believe that deepavali is the right time to invest in gold and precious metals. So today the stock exchanges also open for long time exclusively for gold exchange traded funds. Those who wish to invest in gold, gold etfs are the safest method to do so.

5. Crackers.

People like to celebrate deepavali with crackers. But now people are more conscious about air pollution and the usage of crackers during deepavali is very less.

Wish you a happy Deepavali

Once again we wish all our readers a happy deepavali. Enjoy a wonderful deepavali

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