Tuesday, 1 November 2011

AICPIN for the month of September, 2011 is 197

Ministry or Labour & employment published the AICPIN (All India Consumer Price Index Numbers) for Industrial Workers for the month of September, 2011 is 197 (Based on 2001=100). This is 3 points more than that of August, 2011. The AICPIN for Industrial Workers on August, 2011 was 194 points and July, 2011 it was 193 points and now on September, 2011 it shows a steep hike of 3 points and stood at 197 points.

The fluctuations  in consumer price index is happened due to the difference in the price of necessary commodities like Rice, Wheat Atta, Fresh Milk, Onion, Vegetable & Fruit items, Tea, Kerosene Oil, Electricity Charges, Medicine etc.  The maximum increase of 5 points shows in Darjeeling centre and the maximum decrease of 2 points in Giridih centre.

The indices of the six major centers are as follows: in the order of September, August & July 2011.

Center                            Sept 2011              Aug 2011      July 2011

Ahmadabad           -        193                           191                 188

2. Bangalore          -         197                           194                194

3. Chennai              -        175                            172                168

4. Delhi                   -        182                             178                 178

5. Kolkata               -        193                            192                 186

6. Mumbai             -        199                             195                 194

All the above centers showed a hike, but in Mumbai the hike was above the national average of 197 points, in Bangalore it was par with national average and Chennai had the least Consumer price index and Delhi had the second position when counted from lower level.

The Dearness allowance of Central government employees has been declared as 58% w.e.f July, 2011, while considering All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers from January, 2011 to June, 2011 which was 189 on June, 2011. Now it has increased by 8 points within 3 months, and the Next installment of Dearness allowance will reflect this fluctuation. Now we cannot predict the next D.A, DA of January, 2012. But the variation of prices of essential commodities in next three months also will be taken in to consideration for the Dearness Allowance of Central government employees for the month of January, 2011.

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