Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How to Download PF Forms from EPFO for EPF Benefits

Employees Provident Fund Organization, India allows you to download all PF forms from its website. Earlier it was not much easy to get a provident fund form for availing various provident fund benefits. Now it is easy to get all PF forms from the website. The following information makes you aware about various Provident Fund forms and the purpose of using each EPF forms. This is useful to download the correct format for your desired Provident Fund matters. The link at the end of the post will bring you to the download page of PF forms.

PF Forms for Claiming benefit of Provident Fund.

PF Form No. 13 (Revised) for Transfer Employees Provident Fund Account of an employee from one establishment to other establishment which follows EPF Scheme.

EPF Form No. 14. To finance your Life Insurance Policy from you EPF account

EPF Form No. 19 to Withdraw PF balance when the member is leaving service, retirement or termination.

EPF Form No. 20 to claim the Provident Fund amount by the nominee or a family member of the employee at the time of the death of an employee.

EPF Form No. 31 for advance or withdrawals of the fund by the member employee.

PF Forms for claiming benefit of Employees Pension Scheme 1995 

EPF Form No. 10 C can be used for

(1) Refund of employers share from Employees’ Pension Scheme 1995,

(2) To withdraw the pension scheme amount and

(3) To get the Scheme certificate for the retention of membership.

EPF Form 10 D can be used for

To be submitted by the first claimant may be (1) a member or (2) widow/widower or (3) orphan or (4) nominee as per the case.

PF Forms for Claiming benefit of Employees Death Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme 1976

EPF Form No. 5 (I.F) for getting benefit of EDLI Scheme of the deceased employee by nominee or dependent relative.

PF Forms for General Purpose

Statement IW – 1 for Statement of Employees qualifying for membership as International Workers

Kindly go through the link below to download all the above mentioned PF forms.

Download PF Forms 

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