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CEA or Children Education Allowance FAQs summary

Department of Personnel and Training published FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to clear all your doubts about children education allowance. Children Education Allowance (CEA) is one of the benefits of government employees for compensating the education expenses of their children. As per 6th pay commission the employee get a substantial amount (Rs. 1000 per month per children for two eldest children of a government employee and increases by 25% for every 50% hike of D.A) as Children education allowance. But there are a lot of doubts and confusions about this CEA. The summary of those FAQs are given below:-

CEA for 3rd Child allowed or not: Normally CEA is only for two eldest children whether availed or not for them. However, (a) the Birth of second child is twins or multiple births or (b) the third child-birth is the result of the failure of sterilization operation, CEA can avail for them also. (OM No.12011/03/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 11.11.2008)

Which fees are reimbursable under CEA: School fees under the heads of tuition fee, admission fee, laboratory fee, special fee for any subject such as agriculture, electronics, music etc., fee for practical work under work experience programme, fee for any aid or appliances provided for student, library fee, games or sports fee, fee for extracurricular activities etc. are reimburse only if these fees directly charged from student by school.

Purchases of education related items: One set of uniform including all items prescribed by the school, a single pair of shoes, and cost of normal study materials etc are reimburse. Whatever is the amount of fee and study related items, only the reimbursable amount for a child is Rs. 1000 +25% for additional 50% of DA per month. (OM No.1211/03/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 2.9.2008)

CEA increase only 25% for every 50% DA hike:  CEA will automatically increase by 25% for every 50% hike of Dearness allowance. At present the CEA is Rs. 1250 per month which increased 25% from Rs. 1000 after 51% D.A announced with effect from 01st January, 2011. (OM No. 12011/03/ 2008-Estt.(AL) dated 2.9.2008 and O.M. No. 12011/01/2011-Estt.(Allowance) dated 4th May, 2011)

CEA can avail twice for same class: CEA can avail for a child failed in his class. It is not linked with the performance ofthe child. But if the child admitted in another school in the same class where he availed CEA last year, even after he passed out from the class in old school or in the mid-session also, CEA not allowed for him.

CEA could not avail fully in first quarter: Only up to 50% of CEA for a year can reimburse for the first quarter of an education year and the balance can avail in third or fourth quarter. The entire amount for the academic year cannot avail in the first quarter itself.

Age limit of Children for CEA: There is no minimum age limit prescribed for nursery children, but the minimum age limit for physically challenged children is 5 years and the maximum age limit for availing CEA is 20 years for normal children and 22 years for physically challenged children.

Recognised Educational Institution: CEA can avail only for studying in any recognized school or education institution by any approved authority such as State or central government, university, Union Territory Administration etc.

CEA for Children studying abroad: CEA can avail for the children of an employee of government of India; studying abroad and even if the employee is a foreign citizen also. But only in presentation of a certificate from the Indian mission abroad which states that the education institution recognized by the concerned authority of the country at which the student is studying.

We hope that this FAQ will clear all the queries related with Children Education allowance.

CEA, Children Education Allowance FAQs

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