Saturday, 28 January 2012

Earn Regular Monthly income through Safe investments

Getting regular income is always acceptable and one can plan all his financial activities accordingly. Salaried people getting almost regular salary every month and can adjust their financial needs and investment needs. But both salaried people and others can earn additional regular monthly income through some brilliant way of investments. Salaried people can earn extra regular income and others can earn a good regular income through these investments, if they can invest a big amount of money. This is suitable for retired people to satisfy their financial needs without eating out their own principal investments. 

POMS or Post office monthly income scheme: Post office monthly income scheme gives you 8.2% (latest interest rate) interest per annum and this interest will be distributed monthly. The scheme is for 5 years (earlier 6 years). One can invest up to Rs. 450000 in single account or Rs. 900000 in joint account. An investment of Rs. 450000 in post office monthly income scheme gives you Rs. 3075 every month. Read more

Bank Fixed Deposits: Bank fixed deposits now offer high rate of interest and one can invest a sum in fixed deposit and can give standing instruction to the bank to credit monthly interest in your savings bank account. The interest rate will be a little bit high if you invest a large amount of money for a long period of time. Read more

Senior citizens saving scheme: A senior citizen, completed age of 60 years or a voluntary retired person of 55 years or more can open senior citizen saving scheme with a minimum amount of Rs. 1000 up to a maximum amount of Rs. 15 Lack. The interest rate is 9% per annum and the interest distribute quarterly. Maturity of the scheme is 5 years and can extend up to 3 more years. Even if the interest distribution is quarterly, one can assure a regular income. Read more

Monthly rent form letting out of properties: Real estate is a good investment method for getting regular monthly rent and appreciation of asset. But one must be very careful while letting out your properties. Do all legal formalities for the safer side of the landlord and tenant before letting it out. Then only this will be a safe monthly income option. Read more

Reverse mortgage: Even if it is not an investment and charge on your house property, reverse mortgage is a good method of getting regular money. This is suitable for retired senior citizen, who has a house property and has no any other source of income, this is a better option. Read more

All the above investments except reverse mortgage gives you a regular income without reducing your principal amount and a retired person or others can earn this income to add up with his other income.

Earn Regular Monthly income through Safe investments

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