Friday, 13 January 2012

LIC online term life insurance plan launch soon

Insurance companies are competing with low premium pure term life insurance plans. At present online term life insurance plans are large selling insurance product. Pure term life insurance policies become cheaper and cheaper. LIC of India (Life Insurance Corporation of India) also coming with online term life insurance plan with low premium and high life cover.

LIC of India is ready with the pure term life insurance plan and wish to launch it on next month. This term life insurance plan will be online and one can join the policy through internet. Online insurance plans are cheaper, so that the agent’s commission and paper works can avoid or reduced up to a certain extent.

In the words of Mr. D.K Mehrotra, acting chairman of LIC of India, “The online term plan is ready. We had some issues that we have sorted out. It should be launched by the end of next month.”

Unlike other insurance companies, LIC of India spreads its activities allover India, even the nooks and corners of India and the benefits of new pure term life insurance will get more people both urban and rural people.

The premium of the LIC online term life insurance plan also may low to compete with all other insurance companies. Aviva I Life term life insurance plan and other insurance companies’ pure term life insurance plans offer Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500 annual premium for 25 lakh sum assured for non smokers ( premium varies as per age, smoking habits, sum assured  and other related conditions)

We hope that this new online term life insurance plan from LIC of India also welcome by people of India.

LIC online term life insurance plan launch soon

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  1. Term plans are good.. Aviva i-Life is best term plan I feel.

  2. Any idea when LIC is launching portal to buy online term policies ?

  3. You are almost correct. But when you buy term life insurance, compare other same type of policies and claim settlement history

  4. i wait for lauching