Friday, 24 February 2012

Does helps you to make Money or not?

There are so many money making offers in the internet. Most of them are helpful to make money only for the organizers, not for the users. Recently Wazzub also came with free money offers to its users or members with a slogan "The Power of We" the users. It claims that it is the world’s first profit sharing phenomenon. They are in pre launch and offer to pay a share of profit to all its users those who signed up before its launching and the expected date of launching is April 9, 2012. Wazzub offer $1 monthly for each member under your referral up to 5 levels.

There was a website called agloco also collected millions of membership free of cost with profit sharing offer and get memebrship from a majority of internet users at that time. So many internet users spend their time to sign up and get others singed up through different ways. But on beta test period itself they understood that they could not follow the offer which they have given to their users and they disappeared. All works of the users are vanished. to make Money or not?

Wazzub offers that they will share 50% of its profit to all its users from their activities. But the activities are not clearly defined. They claim millions of profit, but how? It is a strange phenomenon as they claim that they are particular in its kind. Wazzub offer a login page which is helpful to login wzzub to know your referrals.  You may think that this is a wazzub scam, but yet to be identified.

They clearly defined that they never ask money from its users. So the users should not pay any money to them. But Wazzub ask users to refer more people to their website through the referral link they offer to all users. But they urge that each wazzub signups should verify their email id by clicking the link automatically sends to theusers email inbox. They said that they pay only to its verified members before the pre launch period. And they recommend that each users should make sure that the referrals are verified their email ids.

Wazzub dashboard shows only the members and referral names, date of joining, number of referrals, email ID and the status of verification. No any other information. They have a blog which narrates their activities. But these are not the proof of their reliability.

This short review about is just for information to my readers about the largely spreading internet money making activity which is yet to be confirmed. Nobody is sure about its activities.

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  1. This is unfortunately  a big scam as they will never atract so many advertisers or take them from Google.They just colect emails and will use them to make money...that's all what will happen

  2. no man they will pay you your money by paypal system,wazzub is amazing...........