Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Expected D.A from January, 2012 is 65%, 7% increase

Expected Dearness allowance from January, 2012 for central government employees may be 65%, a 7% increase (58% + 7% = 65%). The All India Consumer price index number for industrial workers for the month of December, 2011 has published yesterday as 197 points, by the labour bureau of Government of India. Dearness allowance for Central government employees calculated on the basis of AICPIN (IW).

The average index number for the last 12 months is 191.5 and when we take the % of 191.5/115.77 is 165.4142 and when deduct 100 (merged D.A of 01.01.2006) the balance is 65.4142 and rounded figure is 65.

So we can expect the next dearness allowance, D.A from the month of January, 2012 as 65% (7% increases from last installment of D.A which is 58%)

If the basic pay of a government employee is Rs. 20000 and the basic transport allowance is 1200 he may get an increase in D.A of Rs. 1400 and an increase in Transport allowance of Rs. Rs. 84 and the total increase of monthly salary will be Rs. 1484.

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