Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Fund Offer (NFO) available in the market

New Fund Offer (NFO) or New Mutual Fund Offers are launching of a new mutual fund available to invest by public. This is just like initial public offer (IPO) of shares. Mutual funds are launched by mutual fund houses and these mutual funds are open for public. In the New fund offer period mutual funds are available to investor in face value and after the NFO period it is available only in NAV or net asset value of mutual fund which is normally higher than the face value, if the performance of the fund is better.  

There are different types of mutual funds available in the market. One can choose these mutual funds as per the risk bearing capacity and financial goals of the investor. Different types of mutual funds are available in the market and each one of them specially designed for the investors needs.

One can invest in these mutual funds at the New Fund Offer period and can redeem whenever you wish to get back the money. Some mutual funds are open ended and can sold at any time the investor needs to redeem and some are close ended mutual funds which can redeem only after a lock in period.

The following table shows the summary of new fund offers presently launched and available in the market for investors. Go through the mutual fund heads to know more about each mutual fund. The below mentioned new fund offers are from the following fund house (Mutual fund house)

AIG Global Investment Group Mutual Fund
Axis Mutual Fund
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
BNP Paribas Mutual Fund
Canara Robeco Mutual Fund
DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund
Fidelity Mutual Fund
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
HDFC Mutual Fund
HSBC Mutual Fund
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
IDBI Mutual Fund
IDFC Mutual Fund
IIFL Mutual Fund
ING Mutual Fund
JPMorgan Mutual Fund
Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
LIC NOMURA Mutual Fund
Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund
Peerless Mutual Fund
Quantum Mutual Fund
Reliance Mutual Fund
Religare Mutual Fund
SBI Mutual Fund
Sundaram Mutual Fund
Tata Mutual Fund
UTI Mutual Fund
And many more......

Latest New Fund Offer (NFO)

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