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Highlights of Railway Budget 2012-2013

Union Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi presented Railway Budget 2012 -2013 in parliament today. Ticket rate increased from 2 paise per k.m to 30 paise per k. m for various classes. The budget planned an outlay of Rs. 60000 crore in the fiscal year 2013. This year around 19000 k.m railway track will get modern form. Around 10% of the total amount allocated for infrastructure is for railway tracks. The railway minister claims that there is no steep increase in fares. The main focus of the railway budget 2012-13 is for safety, consolidation, Decongestion & Capacity development, Modernization and improve operating ratio. The railway budget expects an operating ratio of 84.9%. Following are the highlights of railway budget 2012-2013

Highlights of Railway Budget 2012-2013

Hike in Railway Ticket Fare: Railway budget 2012-2013 proposed to increase fare charges and the passenger fare hike is first in 10 years. Through this fare hike the railway minister expect an increase of passenger revenue 28,360 crore in 2012-13. The total expected passenger revenue for the year is Rs 1, 32,555 crore. This includes Rs. 3,673 crore from an expected 5.4% increase in passenger for the year.  Hike in railway fare for various classes as follows:-

10 paise per km increase in AC Chair Car, AC III Tier and First class

3 paise per k.m increase in Second Class fares of Mail and Express trains.

5 paise per k.m increase in Sleeper Class

2 paise per k.m increase in suburban and ordinary second class trains.

15 paise per k.m increase in AC II tier fares

30 paise per k.m increase in AC 1st class fares

Hike in Platform ticket rate: Platform ticket charge also increased from Rs. 3 to Rs. 5.

Proposal of New Concessions: The railway budget 2012-13 considers concession to various categories as follows:-

Concession will be given to Arjuna Awardees in Rajdhani Express

50% concession in AC coaches for patients of Sickle Cell Anemia etc.

Introduction of New Trains: In this Railway budget the railway minister made proposal for 75 new express trains and 21 new passenger trains.

75 new services in Mumbai

Special Train Guru Parikrama to run through Amritsar, Patna, Nanded routes

More Freight revenue: Railway expected to earn 30% more freight revenue in 2012-13 which amounts Rs. 89000 crore.

Modernisation of production unit: Railway budget 2012-13 plans to modernize the production units.

Safety measures: One of the prime objectives of railway budget 2012-13 is safety. Railway minister said that 80,000 persons were recruited in 2011 to fill up safety and mechanical vacancies. Finance Ministry gives Rs. 3,000 crore loan to railway to meet urgent safety needs and the amount to be returned in the year 2012-13 itself.

Planned to minimise human error and give proper rest period.

Railway Plans to introduce three training centers for training in disaster management.

Proposal to invest Rs. 39110 crores to modernise signaling system.

Special amenities:

DRDO developed bio toilets under test and 2,500 coaches to be equipped with bio toilets.

Plan to complete Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Jodhpur high speed corridor.

Special design coaches have earmarked wheelchair-borne and differently abled passenger coaches and one suchl coach in each train.

Railway will take all efforts to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in trains and stations. Specialized house-keeping bodies will be formed for keeping hygiene and cleanliness.

Improve design for helping passengers.

The rail budget allocate for passenger amenities from Rs 762 crore to Rs 1,112 crore in 2013.

700 k.m railways will make double track.

Planning to introduce Double decker container trains.

Introduction of Satellite based real-time information of trains to update passengers on all running trains in next 18 months.

Considering Wait listed passengers: The railway budget 2012-13 consider wait listed passenger more as follows:-

Extension of house keeping, mobile booking, and alternate train accommodating system.

Introduction of escalators, book a meal, AC lounge to accommodate passengers.

Co-operation with state governments: The railway minister requested to State Governments to come forward to share the cost to facilitate early completion of projects. Following projects will establish with the support of various state governments.

31 projects of over 5,000 km being implemented with the support of state governments.

Propose to set up rail connectivity to Nepal from Bilaspur and Agartala to Akhaura in Bangladesh

New line planned to Nepal from Bilaspur,  to Nepal from Bihar

Eestablish a plant of traction for high horse power to be set up in Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh

Rail coach factory at Palakkad, Kerala

Raebareli coach factory ready for rolling

Task of converting DC to AC to be completed in Central Railways in Pune

Kolkata metro works progressing very well

Proposal to electrify 6,500 km in Udhampura, Srinagar, Baramullah line

Rs 6,872 crores allocated for new lines plan which include all the lines approved by the Planning Commission.

Plan to start coaching complex and terminal in Navi Mumbai

Propose Rs 4,410 core for capacity augmentation works.

New organizations: The following new corporations or organizations will be formed for various activities.

Plan to form Logistics Corporation to handle the last mile service for freight traffic.

Plan to set up Indian Railway Station Organisation to redevelop, maintain stations on the lines of airports.

The abovementioned highlights are from the Railway budget 2012-2013 presented by the railway minister, Dinesh Trivedi in parliament, today. The new budget hopes that the Indian railway will lift up to international quality in near future.

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  1. This budget is friendly to everyone and take care of environmental safety as trains well.New are announced. Although slightly higher rates, it remains constant for another 10 years is the point to play. I think that the trains having higher demand in certain sectors are expected immediately. Practical information.

  2. Dear Laxman. It is not necessary that the next railway fare hike will be happened only after next 10 years. But we need modern trains and railways which can travel fast and safe.

  3. Speed trains, extensions of 150 present trains  are announced. Although slight hike in prices,new trains, green toilets in trains,new tracks are to be developed. I think trains with higher demand in certain sectors should be tracked immediately. useful information.