Thursday, 22 March 2012

How to reduce your auto insurance cost

Are you aware that you can reduce your auto insurance cost a good percentage? No doubt you are paying a good amount for the insurance of your car or any other vehicles. There are a lot of insurance companies in the market to compete with. But you can choose cheaper auto insurance. Just keep in mind the following points to reduce your auto insurance cost.

1. Good driving habit. This is the first and foremost step to reduce your auto insurance cost. A good track record of your driving history is the best thing to reduce your auto insurance premium up to a certain level. If you are an expert driver with a good driving habit, the possibility of accident is very low and the insurance company is very fond of such ability and will be ready to reduce your insurance premium.

2. Make a good bargain. In this high competing motor insurance field customer is the king. You can get quotes from a few good insurance companies and can bargain for a good rebate. As per your bargain power you can get reduced insurance cost.

3. Share with your friends and relatives. Just share your idea of getting good and low cost auto insurance with your friends and relatives and ask about the auto insurance and the performance of auto insurance companies. You can get ideas from experienced hands and can Select a good company with vide range of research. You should also check the claim approval ratio of each company. Finally find a good insurance provider to insure your vehicle.

4. Insure you second car or vehicle with the same company. Most insurance companies allow a good percentage of discounts, if you insure your second car or second vehicle with the same insurance company. So insure all your vehicles or vehicles of your family members with the same company.

5. Rebate for safety system. You can avail discount or rebate for safety systems in the vehicles. Seat belt, gear lock, theft alarm and such safety systems attract more discounts for your auto insurance policy.

6. Get help of your credit record.  If you have a good credit record you can avail a good discount in your auto insurance also. If you are prompt in paying your utility bills, credit card bills and loans you can have a good credit record and can avail a cheaper auto insurance policy also.

7. Do not take medical cover twice. If you have a good health insurance cover, you should not take another personal medical cover with the auto insurance. This will reduce a certain percentage of your auto insurance cost.

8. Low risk profession.  I f your work is risk free you can reduce your insurance cost also.

9. Car pooling.  If you use car pooling to your work site, you can get a discount for your car insurance.

10. Regular travel with public transport. If you use public transport to reach your work place regularly, you can get a discount for the same.

11. Living away from city. If you stay in village away from rush city, you can reduce accidents and also can reduce your auto insurance cost.

12. Others. Low mileage, no accident history, learn driving from certified driving school, always following safety rules, studying children  away from you etc., can attract a reduction in you auto insurance cost.

If you inform these matters to your insurance company, you can reduce your auto insurance cost or car insurance cost a good percentage and can enjoy a happy driving.

How to reduce your auto insurance cost

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