Monday, 26 March 2012

Mutual Fund Guide, a comical cartoon presentation

You must have heard about mutual funds and may be invested in mutual fund. Are you getting enough awareness about mutual fund? What is mutual fund? How it works? Different types of mutual funds. What is NAV of mutual fund? What is investment objective of mutual fund? How do you select mutual fund? Who is fund manager? What is his duty? What is fund house? How do you select a fund house to invest in? Do you have answers for all these questions? Or are you investing in mutual funds blindly? I am sure that you have answers for a few questions about mutual funds. But not have a complete idea about mutual funds.

Here Money Simplified comes with a solution for all your queries about mutual funds with an introduction of Meet “PARIMAN” Your guide for mutual fund investing. This is an introduction to mutual fund investing. This guide gives a complete idea about mutual fund investing and more over that this is an interesting comical representation in cartoon format. One can read it and can understand easily. It narrates all about mutual funds and mutual fund investing.

A story like presentation in mutual fund investing and this is the first time I am reading such a guide about mutual fund. It starts with a discussion between a young father and mother about the future of their daughter and this conversation leads them to an investment expert through their family friend.

The investment expert narrates all about mutual fund, give answers for their doubts and also advice them how to analyze a mutual fund? How to make their financial planning? How to select a fund house? How to determine their investment objectives? And so on.

This conversation goes through the types of mutual funds, fund houses, fund managers, various mutual funds and its objectives. Which mutual fund should be choosing for each type of financial goals etc?

The mutual fund guide also gives us how to select an investment advisor, qualities of an investment advisor, benefit of consulting an investment advisor etc. And the guide points that how to invest in mutual funds. And at last it ends with a direct online investment method, without the help of any investment advisor or any consultant, which reduces paper work and expenses of investing.

This is a must read guide for all investors who wish to satisfy their financial goals with their hard earned money.

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Mutual Fund Guide, a comical cartoon presentation

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